Women Deliver 2019

Women Deliver 2019

Girls' Globe reports from the Women Deliver 2019 Conference.

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The Positive Birth Story Podcast

The Positive Birth Story Podcast

Empowering & positive stories about birth. A podcast for women, with women.

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Voices. Stories. Action. Change.

Voices. Stories. Action. Change.

An animation about what Girls' Globe is all about.

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Gender Based Violence

Blue for Sudan: the road to democracy

In an effort to repress the loud voices calling for change, women are being used as a tool.


Has Today’s Feminism Gone Too Far?

In the current fourth-wave of feminism, anti-feminist voices are as loud as ever.

Minority Rights

When Nadia Murad Stood Before Trump

It is the most hardened hearts and minds - not the hearts and minds of our allies - that we…

  1. Culture
    Oxford’s Dictionary is Spreading Misogyny Online

    We believe the dictionary should immediately stop discriminating against women. That is why we launched a petition.

  2. Feminism
    Meet Alice: the feminist activist fighting for change

    “I am angry,” Alice says when asked what drives her, “but, it is a positive anger.”

  3. New Tech
    The App Empowering Young Women in Uganda

    On the SAUTIplus app, information is available day or night.

  4. SRHR
    Taking Care of my Gynecological Health Is a Feminist Act

    Uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva are not dirty or embarrassing words.

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