This is Girls' Globe

This is Girls' Globe

An introduction to Girls’ Globe by its founder, Julia Wiklander.

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The Positive Birth Story Podcast

The Positive Birth Story Podcast

Empowering & positive stories about birth. A podcast for women, with women.

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Voices. Stories. Action. Change.

Voices. Stories. Action. Change.

An animation about what Girls' Globe is all about.

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Gender Based Violence

Here’s Why Scotland’s New Domestic Abuse Law Matters

Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Act changes how abuse is defined, understood and prosecuted in 4 ways.


Girl Power is a Super Power

“My favourite thing about Girl Power is that over time it turns into Woman Power” – Cleo Wade As a…


Women are Leading the Protests in Sudan

Anyone who has been following the protests will know that this revolutionary spirit runs in the blood of Sudanese women.

  1. Maternal and Child Health
    Laura’s Birth Story: a powerful, primal, female experience

    Episode 10 of The Positive Birth Story Podcast is a frank and honest conversation filled with humor.

  2. Sports
    Running the World’s Biggest Women-Only Marathon in Japan

    This is crazy, I thought. My heavy feet pounded against the road. It was pouring rain and the cold air…

  3. SRHR
    Men, Welcome to the World of Contraception

    Recently, the world was made aware of a study that cleared a contraceptive pill as safe for men. The results…

  4. Girls' Globe News
    Why Our Digital Sisterhood Matters

    Hear from our community what Girls' Globe means to them. Learn about an opportunity to support us this week!

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