This is Girls' Globe

This is Girls' Globe

Founder of Girls' Globe, Julia Wiklander, explains what Girls' Globe is and why we do what we do.

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Keep Raising Voices in 2018

Keep Raising Voices in 2018

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Latest Episode from The Mom Pod

Latest Episode from The Mom Pod

Listen to midwives and advocates working to support safe birth in humanitarian settings.

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Gender Based Violence

5 Activists Fighting to End Female Genital Mutilation

Here are 5 key figures changing the lives of women in their communities...


28 Myths: the Menstrual Cycle, the Pill & Fertility Awareness

Since ditching the pill, charting my own cycle, and teaching fertility awareness all over the world, I’ve come across a…


For Gender Equality in Africa, Focus on Corruption

As a member of pan-African women's organization FEMNET, I had the chance to attend the 31st Gender Is My Agenda…

  1. Books
    We Have Written a Book!

    You Are Not Alone is a collection of stories written and inspired by four years’ worth of conversations with Afghan…

  2. Mental Health
    Why Do Women Suffer More From Stress?

    While we know that women suffer from anxiety more frequently than men, the reasons why are still unclear.

  3. Gender Based Violence
    Sexual Harassment is Everywhere

    We have to raise our voices, not only so that the message that harassment is unacceptable reaches everyone, but also…

  4. SRHR
    A Trip of a Lifetime with Theatre for a Change

    On our third day in the country, we packed up the van and traveled out to our third destination: Mbembembe…

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