This is Girls' Globe

This is Girls' Globe

An introduction to Girls’ Globe by its founder, Julia Wiklander.

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The Positive Birth Story Podcast

The Positive Birth Story Podcast

Empowering & positive stories about birth. A podcast for women, with women.

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Voices. Stories. Action. Change.

Voices. Stories. Action. Change.

An animation about what Girls' Globe is all about.

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Running the World’s Biggest Women-Only Marathon in Japan

This is crazy, I thought. My heavy feet pounded against the road. It was pouring rain and the cold air…


Men, Welcome to the World of Contraception

Recently, the world was made aware of a study that cleared a contraceptive pill as safe for men. The results…

Girls' Globe News

Why Our Digital Sisterhood Matters

Hear from our community what Girls' Globe means to them. Learn about an opportunity to support us this week!

  1. Maternal and Child Health
    Kenzee’s Birth Story: a surprisingly speedy birth

    “Once I relaxed my forehead it was like… I think I was just focusing on relaxing my forehead, but it…

  2. Health
    Put Aside Your Stethoscope & Listen to Women’s Pain

    I was taught that doctors are powerful and mighty. They shouldn’t be questioned, only readily and blindly trusted.

  3. Poetry

    A poem by Fatima Raza for Girls' Globe.

  4. SRHR
    Women’s Reproductive Health is Under Attack

    The United States was the last country to stop selling Essure to the public. Other parts of the world, including…

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