This is Girls' Globe

This is Girls' Globe

An introduction to Girls’ Globe by its founder, Julia Wiklander.

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Voices. Stories. Action. Change.

Voices. Stories. Action. Change.

An animation about what Girls' Globe is all about.

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16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism

Speaking up against violence & injustice with Girls' Globe.

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Tampon Tax and the Fight for Menstrual Equity

The financial burden of sales tax on menstrual products is a significant health and economic issue.


Stop Calling it Revenge Porn. It’s Abuse.

‘Revenge porn’ describes the action of one individual sharing another’s private or intimate photos or videos publicly without first obtaining…


In Conversation with Christine Sayo

In this conversation with Girls' Globe, Christine Sayo talks about feeling judged by others for simply talking openly about issues…

  1. Minority Rights
    Standing with Syrian Women and Girls

    Women and girls in Syria, like women and girls in all conflicts, suffer disproportionately. Meanwhile, the world largely ignores them.

  2. SRHR
    In Conversation with Beverly Nkirote Mutwiri

    Beverly Nkirote Mutwiri speaks to Girls' Globe about the challenges she has encountered as a young woman in a patriarchal…

  3. Culture
    It’s Time to Confront Sexism in Medicine

    Patients will mistake female doctors, residents and students for nurses. This happens regardless of how a female doctor introduces herself.…

  4. Business
    One Woman’s Experience of Workplace Anxiety

    I quickly realized I wasn't the only woman to have ever experienced workplace anxiety, which made me passionate about sharing…

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