This is Girls' Globe

This is Girls' Globe

Founder of Girls' Globe, Julia Wiklander, explains what Girls' Globe is and why we do what we do.

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"Their story deserves to be told."

Eleanor Gall speaks with about her work with Girls' Globe.

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Latest Episode from The Mom Pod

Latest Episode from The Mom Pod

Listen to midwives and advocates working to support safe birth in humanitarian settings.

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When Women’s Rights Are Not Enough

The reality is most women have - at some point - felt silenced, ignored, disrespected, or unsafe, just for being…


Post-Election Sweden: No Longer a Compass for Equality

The election in Sweden on September 9th has left the country in disarray – with neither of the two traditional…


The Power of Periods – #YoungWomenSay

For me, the menstrual cup was my first step into understanding my body and its functions.

  1. Gender Based Violence
    Are Victims Ever to Blame?

    The answer is absolutely not. The other day, a group of friends and I were discussing a rape situation and one…

  2. Arts
    Sharp Objects: a Story of Female Power, Abuse, Trauma & Pain

    Breathtaking, uncomfortable, and timely. These are the three best words I can find to describe Sharp Objects.

  3. SRHR
    What Do the New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines Mean for American Women?

    Many might imagine that only women “of a certain age” get cervical cancer, but that’s not true — women of…

  4. Politics
    Time to Disarm the Patriarchy

    We are building a new generation of peace and disarmament activists and amplifying diverse women’s voices in the disarmament sphere.

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