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Girls' Globe LIVE

Follow Girls' Globe and partners at the International Conference of Family Planning 2018.

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This is Girls' Globe

This is Girls' Globe

Founder of Girls' Globe, Julia Wiklander, explains what Girls' Globe is and why we do what we do.

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16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism

Voices from around the world speak up against violence & injustice with Girls' Globe.

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In Conversation with Kizanne James

Let us introduce you to Kizanne James. Kizanne is a physician from Trinidad & Tobago working on reproductive health and…

Mental Health

Tips for Supporting Someone Experiencing Depression

Based on what I've learnt so far, here are my tips for supporting someone you care about.


In Conversation with Tasneem Kakal

Tasneem Kakal from India talks to Girls' Globe about her experience of navigating and claiming public space as a young…

  1. Culture
    7 Women Breaking Stereotypes in Pakistan

    Pakistan remains one of the most male-dominated societies in the world, and women still tend to be portrayed or stigmatised as…

  2. Mental Health
    My Not-So-Easy Mental Health Recovery Journey

    I’ve noticed that many of the stories I encounter about mental health tend to focus either on the darkest moments…

  3. SRHR
    Campaigning for Care & Compassion in Ireland

    The whole country was behind us. This realisation made me cry. It made me very proud to be from rural…

  4. Mental Health
    These Tools are Helping Me Handle Depression

    I am still trying and learning myself, but here are a few tools and tips I would like to share.

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