December 2011

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The Girl Child

The girl child. Why is she unique? In this year’s United Nations’ resolution on the Girl Child, the General Assembly, and thus, the international community has recognized, noted, and expressed their deep concern on issues of discrimination of the girl child. There are many issues

More on the Girl Effect

Mobilizing the girl effect may seem easy. Give girls education Societies will prosper. However, it may not be so simple. There are several factors that play a part in shaping the health and well-being of girls and women. Although a girl is given a chance,

Mobilize the Girl Effect

Girls in some parts of the world are seen as a burden. These girls are denied their basic human rights, to equal access to health care, education, mobility, freedom from violence and abuse. These girls are not able to choose their path in life, who

Women for Peace

Tomorrow is the day of the Nobel Prize, and therefore Girls’ Globe would like to acknowledge the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates who have been struggling to create change in their communities and to empower women to be agents of change for peace, democracy and human

Why there needs to be a gender aspect in climate negotiations

When floods strike or droughts persist, women are among the first to feel the impacts on their livelihoods and daily lives. (UN Women, COP17) As the COP17 negotiations are undergoing in Durban, reaching its last day tomorrow, I thought it would be good to send

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