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One thing that I believe in is stopping pity.

I have noticed that we are often taught to see the poverty, the hunger, the discrimination, all the problems, but not the possibilities, not the process of empowerment, development or change.

What if we see the positive reality? Isn’t it easier to solve the problem and look at the world without closing our eyes?

When we believe that girls and women are changemakers and equal citizens in their societies, able to make a difference to their own reality and the reality of others,  then we unlock a world of possibilities. Girls’ Globe is a place of raising awareness of dreadful realities facing girls and women around the world, but it is also a place where the pity should change into passion, playfulness, changemaking and positivity.

Here are two changemakers. Let’s celebrate them and stop the pity.

Don’t pity, don’t close your eyes. Open them to a world of change and potential.

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Julia Wiklander


Julia is the Founder and President of Girls' Globe. She is optimistic about our world's future and the power of solidarity and storytelling. Julia is an economist and entrepreneur.

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