Women at the Top – continued

Thank you all for sharing your ideas and comments in regard to our post Women at the Top. The discussion has continued on Facebook and Twitter.

Emma Lindkvist: I truly agree! It is harder for women to become leaders and also to be accepted and respected as leaders. Women usually have to work a little bit harder than men and are never allowed to make mistakes. They often get attention for how they look and what they wear instead of what they are actually doing. I think we all should be more tolerant with female leaders and acknowledge them for their good qualities, that would make it easier for women to become leaders as well.

Natalia Andersen: ‎..powerful women need to be masculine to succeed.. It creates another topic of discussion – what is masculine and what is feminine?



Emilie Persson: I also believe that to be on the top you might also have to be willing to sacrifice alot of your private life, maybe less women are willing to do that. – That brings the questions – why to we have top positions that demands that humans live a non-human life where having a normal family life at the same time is impossible? I like the way Swedish green party let two people share the position as the leader of the party -that makes so much more sense! I also agree with above discussions, for a woman to be as successful as a man, she needs to do more and also take after the ‘masculine’ values. See for example: http://www.bokus.com/bok/9789170053016/en-sexists-bekannelser/ (in Swedish).

I believe that there is a lot that women can accomplish, especially if we work together to break old patterns and discriminatory norms. Let’s continue the discussion. In the meantime, I will be reading “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office,” by Lois P. Frankel. We’ll keep you posted on this issue.

Here is an inspiring woman who has transformed the international arena of women leaders. Hear Madeleine Albright at TED, talking about her career path as a woman and as former US Secretary of State.

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  • Thanks to all who have taken part in the discussions on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s continue to help each other fight discriminatory norms, and see the features of women’s leadership as a positive force of change in our societies.