Religions and Babies – Hans Rosling does it again

Hans Rosling always manages to make a crowd laugh, whether he is talking about population growth, sexuality, maternal health, or religion. He certainly manages to do so, when combining the topics: religion and fertility.

Some have the perception that high fertility rates are more common in certain countries, where certain religions are majority. However, is this a true view of the world?

Hans says no. And I agree.

Today, most developing countries have low levels of fertility, whether they are Muslim, Christian or dominated by an Eastern religion. See Hans Rosling’s latest TED Talk here, from Doha, Qatar, and learn from his simplistic demonstration of fertility and population growth. He reminds us, that we all have a responsibility to take when planning for a world of 10 billion.

But will Hans Rosling’s predictions take place automatically?


As he points out, it is in the countries with the highest child mortality rate where there is the fastest population growth. It is also in these countries where the world’s highest maternal mortality and morbidity rates exist. It is in these countries where investments have to be made. We need to make maternal health care a reality for all, as well as, access to contraception, family planning services, emergency obstetric care, essential medicines for mothers and children and education for girls and women.

Bare in mind that although Hans Rosling demonstrates that the fertility rate of most countries have declined, there are still many countries where huge gaps are persistent. In many times, it is the poorest women of the society, who still are not able to access family planning and maternal health services. Women from a higher income level, usually, are able to access these services easily and can report that they have all the services they need. You can read about one example in the Girls’ Globe blog post about unmet need of contraception in Burkina Faso.

Due to these gaps we need to make sure that these poorest women are seen, even when they are hidden behind a positive statistical trend.

Thanks again Hans for your inspiration!

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Julia Wiklander


Julia is the Founder and President of Girls' Globe. She is optimistic about our world's future and the power of solidarity and storytelling. Julia is an economist and entrepreneur.

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