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CODE RED for Gender Justice is a Caribbean feminist activist collective, raising awareness and providing opportunities for regional collaboration on issues of gender justice.

Our activities aim to bring a plurality of critical feminist voices to everything from politics and economics to gender and sexualities in our global world. Source

Whether writing about mainstream news stories through a feminist lens or sharing inspiring stories of women and girls around the world, CODE RED carves out a space for Caribbean feminists in the dialogue and activism surrounding gender equality.

Beginning as a student organization at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados; CODE RED now has an international reach.  The organization’s work includes an annual Symposium to nurture emerging feminist scholars and activists from the Caribbean, and the creation of the CatchAFyah Caribbean Feminist Network working towards gender equity and women’s rights.

Issues that receive critical analysis from the CODE RED writers include sexism and sexual violence in society, news media and pop culture.  A recent article “Kick in She Back Door: Violence Against Women Takes Road March” takes on rape culture perpetuated through music and the larger picture of sex, gender, power and violence in heterosexual relationships.

As The International Day to End Violence Against Women comes to a close for this year, organizations like CODE RED For Gender remind us that Girls Globe is part of a much larger global network of organizations, each working in our own way to change the world for the better for women and girls.

To keep up to date on the work of CODE RED feminists, follow them on twitter and like their facebook page!


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