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Water. It is the essence of life on Earth. Humans can only survive three to five days without it and unfortunately, in many parts of the world, accessing enough water is a daily struggle. Nearly one billion people around the globe lack access to water, causing particular strife for those in charge of its collection – women and girls.  In only one day, women around the world spend over 200 million work hours collecting water for their families. For women and girls living in these communities, going to school is often considered a luxury, as they are needed at home to gather water.  Without access to a proper education, many women grow up only to repeat the cycle of poverty as those who preceded them.  However, one gaming organization is working to creatively advocate for change.

Decode Global, a mobile game developer specializing in social change, has created “Get Water!” to raise public awareness about how women are affected by water scarcity.  Partnering with organizations such as Unicef Canada, Women for Water, and Coca-Cola Support My School, the game’s main character is Maya, a “head-strong, book-loving, optimistic girl who just wants to go to school.”  Unfortunately, like many girls around the world, Maya must collect water for her family.  Therefore, the object of the game is to quickly collect water so Maya can return to school as soon as possible. Recently nominated as a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations 2012 finalist, an international competition for app and game developers that enables new intercultural dialogue, Decode Global is paving the way into the future of social media advocacy with its fun mobile game that advocates for social change regarding women’s role in the global water crisis.

Learn more about Get Water! and their fundraising campaign via IndieGogo.  Decode Global only has a few days left to reach their C$30,000 (USD $29,904) target which would allow developers to translate the game into several languages and technological platforms, work with partner organizations to improve access to water, and continue to advocate for the importance of clean water. Help them reach their goal by spreading the word and/or donating to their worthwhile cause!

Get Water! Indiegogo Campaign from Decode Global on Vimeo.

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