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In third grade, my teacher taught our class a song where the lyrics stated all the U.S. Presidents in order, from George Washington to Bill Clinton. To this day, I still know (and occasionally sing) the song, with every election adding the newest incoming male U.S. President. Unfortunately, throughout the United States’ 239 year history, the U.S. has never experienced leadership from a female President. However, that is not the case in the rest of the world.  Setting extraordinary examples, women leaders serve in the country’s highest office in Liberia, Switzerland, Argentina, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Brazil, Kosovo, Malawi, San Marino, and South Korea. Recently, a campaign has begun supporting a female Presidential candidate in the most unlikely of countries – Afghanistan.

Running for President of Afghanistan in 2014, Fawzia Koofi’s life has been a constant struggle. Left in the Afghan heat to die as an infant, Koofi’s mother believed death as a more sympathetic option than suffering through life as a female in Afghanistan.  Eventually changing her mind and rescuing Koofi from the scalding outdoor temperatures, Koofi’s mother promised herself that no harm would ever come to her child again. Making good on her promise, Koofi eventually became the first female in her family to attend school and, later, a member of Parliament serving as Afghanistan’s first female Parliament speaker.

Surviving an assassination attempt by the Taliban, Koofi continues to campaign for the 2014 Presidential seat. Because traditional Islamic culture views women as property, Koofi’s courageous campaign and leadership stirs tension among some Afghans – particularly the Taliban. Resigning herself to the idea that she might, one day, be killed by the Taliban, Koofi continues fighting for women’s rights and is undeterred on her journey to becoming the first female President of Afghanistan.

For more information on Fawzia Koofi and her Presidential campaign, please visit the following:

Fawzia Koofi Campaign Website

Fawzia Koofi’s book, The Favored Daughter: One Woman’s Fight to Lead Afghanistan into the Future

“Will Fawzia Koofi Be Afghanistan’s First Female President?” – The Daily Beast

WATCH: Jon Stewart Interviews Fawzia Koofi

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  1. Resigning herself that she might one day be killed by the Taliban is clearly not a viable option. She needs to have within reach at all times a firearm of her choosing. Surely, Dawn Hochsprung, at that unspeakable moment, would have wished for that key around her neck to be useful for opening the draw in which was kept her firearm.

  2. Wow, what an amazing woman! I don’t know that I could put my life on the line like that. She is one of the courageous women helping to change the situation for Middle Eastern women.

  3. Such an incredible woman! I would love to see her become the next president of Afghanistan. If anything, she is an incredible role model for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of women.

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