Exgirlfriend_target dollAngry at an ex-girlfriend or wife? Here, shoot at a bleeding, half-naked “Ex-girlfriend” target doll. It’s only a dummy – just meant for practice.

..Practice for what, exactly?

This doll was displayed at the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) Convention by its manufacturer, Zombie Industries (ZI). According to some reports, it has since been discontinued – but in fact, the company merely re-named it “Alexa” in stead of “The Ex”. Some people have claimed that the doll was never referred to as “The Ex” – but an image currently on ZI website curiously still refers to the female target doll package as “The Ex Box” (I’m sure whoever thought that one up considered themselves very funny and clever).

Click to enlarge. Image source zombieindustries.com

“Alexa” is still being sold by Zombie Industries, and unlike most of the “zombie” dolls, she does not have green skin, nor does she resemble a zombie. I also fail to understand what purpose her torn top and exposed bra and breasts serve. Here are some reviews from people who have purchased the doll:

“This Zombie Bitch is awesome, reminds me of a girl I knew in High School!”

“I love that this target looks like Britney Spears and it bleeds when I shot it.”

Just a doll, eh?

The issue is not the sex of the target doll in itself, but marketing it as the “ex-girlfriend” that an angry man can take his rage out on by “killing this bitch with some specialty shotgun ammo”, as described in a Youtube video promoting the doll. Another video shows several men lining up to “bust up a zombie chick”. Comments include statements like “what she gets for leaving the kitchen” and “Nice rack for a zombie if she wasn’t trying to eat everyone I might have to squeeze them XD”.

ZI also displayed a target doll that disturbingly resembled President Obama – which the NRA pulled from its convention hastily once the word got out that the President of the United States was being sold as a shooting target. “The Ex” doll remained on display. Apparently, using the president as a target is frowned upon, but shooting at your ex-girlfriend is okay.

We are so accustomed to seeing women as targets for violence and rage that using that as a sales pitch was considered perfectly acceptable by the manufacturer, and apparently by NRA too. Violence against women is normalized and made into a joke, something to be laughed at and taken lightly. After all, it’s “only a doll” – it’s not real.

The problem is that violence against women is very real. According to this Infographic, women in the US are 11 times more likely to die from gun violence than women in other developed countries. Over half of women killed by guns in the US are killed by an intimate partner or a family member. Between 2009 and 2012, 40% of mass shootings in the US started from the shooter targeting a girlfriend, wife or an ex-wife. Shooting at an “ex-girlfriend” target is not semantics – it is a representation of a very real and disturbing normalization of violence against women and girls. Yes, men are also victims of gun violence, but these are two different phenomenons. Men are not killed because they are men – violence against women is motivated primarily because of the victim’s sex. The “Alexa” doll promotes and normalizes this type of violence and hatred – it fuels anger directed particularly at women who have “wronged” men in one way or another, and who “deserve” to be killed.

In the aftermath of the Newton massacre, Executive Vice President of the NRA LaPierre blamed violent games for gun violence, noting that “Isn’t fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography?”

If shooting at people in video games for kicks is the “filthiest form of pornography”, what would shooting at a life-sized, bleeding, half-naked ex-girlfriend doll with live ammunition as a way to get your kicks be considered as? A joke?

I am not laughing.

The positive part about this story is that once word got out about “The Ex” shooting target, women and men took to Twitter using the hashtag #NotBuyingIt to demand for the doll to be discontinued. While the manufacturer continues to sell “Alexa”, as a result of public rage and demand Amazon pulled the doll from its online stores. This shows that standing up and raising our voices against a culture that normalizes violence against women can and does work. So let’s continue to do that, together, and send out a message that violence against women is never acceptable – and it is never, ever, a joke.

Visit Women Against Gun Violence for more information about gun violence in the United States, and information on how to get involved with the cause.


Zombie Industries, which still continues to sell the Alexa-doll, has changed it’s appearance from looking like a real woman to actually looking like a zombie, stating on their website that the new “Alexa” is now “feminist approved thanks to the Huffington Post!” You can also get a discount on the Alexa doll by entering “HUFF13” code at checkout.. I am not sure which Huffington Post article ZI is referring to while claiming that “Alexa” is now “feminist approved”, and it would be interesting to hear what HuffPost thinks about this – but, changing the appearance of the doll is definitely a step in the right direction, and is clearly a result of public outrage and pressure towards the manufacturer and resellers of the target doll. These are the kind of small victories that we should all celebrate, because small rivers form big streams – and big streams can move mountains.

Images courtesy of zombieindustries.com.

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  1. I almost hate to add this comment but recently I read an article in which the topic was one of the middle-east countries making the rape of divorcees and widows over 14 years old legal as their military has not gotten any for a long time. It is bad enough women in some Islamic countries are routinely gang raped and put in prison for making complaint about it. I sorry ladies, I’m glad to be a man.

  2. Literally incredible! Thanks for bringing this to wider attention.
    I think people forget about domestic violence in the gun debate. There’s no doubt that guns add to the amount of women killed by their partners in the US, as opposed to the rest of the developed word. Yes, other things such as knifes and blunt objects can be used to kill, but guns cause catastrophic injuries with very little effort. A person could hit or stab someone out of anger and then stop when they realise what they’ve done. Gunshot wounds are a lot more damaging and more difficult to recover from. It has to make a difference.

  3. It’s just WRONG. There is already so much violence toward women then they go ahead and make some toy for people to practice with! It’s disgusting how many seem to enjoy “playing” with it. They have linked it with some sort of sick humor, put it in stores and simultaneously let us all know how twisted some people can be.How is this ok? I’m sure all of the people who claim to enjoy using it wouldn’t like a doll made to look exactly like them for the purpose of it being shot at….for fun.
    How inconsiderate! How rude!

  4. if your going to do this kind of stuff then don’t tell everyone because did you ever stop and think how the woman feel about a doll that a bunch of men just shoot at because there mad i think i could tell that no people would like this because its rude to woman and anyone that thinks this is rude

  5. This doll is disturbing, what also worries me is the number of stores that stocked it without seeming to be worried about or even consider if it would offend people or upset women especially those who have suffered domestic violence or lost someone they love at the hands of an abusive man. This doll should never have made it onto the shelf of any store in the first place.

  6. That this “doll” even exists is depressing. Glorifying violence against women (or indeed at all) has no place in any society worth living in. Good blog post, this issue needs highlighting!

  7. how stupid can people be!!! really… unbelievable. It brings me to another marketing theory – there is a market for everything. pitiful that we have degraded to such appalling levels.

  8. It’s funny how you use SEXISM to attract people to a point that makes no sense.
    while feminists attacks the males in our age more then the opposite.
    just because the media doesn’t bloat about it doesn’t mean woman are perfect angels.
    I read and saw about people getting raped by them , others murdered, falsely imprisoned, tricked with the law, sued.. sperm theft.. unwilling childbirth. custody..

    Do you want to fix this world?

    Good luck on how you decide to convince people
    to quit the very thing they depend on more than air today.

    1. Hi there, and thank you for taking the time to visit Girls’ Globe and share your comment with us. Of course women are not “perfect”, no one is, and it is also clear that men face plenty of violence, and sometimes gender-based discrimination too – but the reality is that when it comes to gender-based violence, motivated largely by the victims sex, women and girls make up for overwhelming majority of the victims. This doesn’t mean that wrongdoings by women, or targeted at men, aren’t important – of course they are – but these are separate phenomenons, and this particular post focused on one issue out of many. I agree with you, that greed is a big driver of inequalities and discrimination – and sometimes violence too – but I do believe that vast majority of people, both men and women, are good people and people who stand up for what is right. Thanks again for visiting GG!

  9. So now that the bloody girl mannequin is already dead (a zombie) and had it’s product title or name adjusted, it’s okay to brutalize it. Interesting, yet effectively logical. But who knows if zombies can feel victimized? LoL

    “that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet”

    We’re getting closer to a world where we strip all color from the public view because it could effect an unapproved emotion in the mind. Read. Learn. Overcome.

  10. You’re all up in arms about violence against women. Good. But this is a doll, not a living person. And shouldn’t your argument be against actual violent behavior toward people? Whatever people do to or say about a doll, should be of no concern to anyone. It’s a darn mannequin with red goo in it. It’s easier at a distance to see where your shot hit so you don’t have to walk down range or stare through your spotting scope for an obscene period of time to track changes on the target. Red stands out very well.

    More importantly, people should be concerned that the Department of Homeland Security is buying hollow point ammo (not range ammo) by the billions; and that federal agencies and select police departments have bought targets of civilian women and children. Now that is creepy. I’d be more concerned about what our government is gearing up for than what the average citizen is doing with dolls.

    Don’t be the thought police. I’ve already killed particular individuals in my mind many times over. It is only when I act upon these ideas that I have committed a crime.

    Humans are aggressive by nature. If you repress aggression, you can get explosions of violent intensity that are dangerous. Having an outlet to periodically vent aggression is healthy. If there is no victim, there is no crime. Dolls cannot be victims because they are not living organisms. There is no psyche to wrong.

    If you feel somehow victimized by witnessing a bloody girl mannequin get brutalized with gunfire, then perhaps you have some issues to focus on. But don’t take your aggression out on the rest of us by limiting the outlets people have to vent theirs. That’s very authoritarian.

    -Jeremy Edward Dion

    1. Hi Jeremy! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your opinions with us. I disagree with you slightly – while it is true that shooting a doll is obviously not a crime, marketing this doll the way it was marketed before – as “The Ex” girlfriend, who looks like a real woman, with half-exposed breasts hanging out, sends a very strong and dangerous message: It makes fun of a form of violence that is very common, and very real, it plays on people’s aggressions towards their ex (or maybe current) spouses or partners, and it promotes a normalization of violence towards girls and women. This is an extremely dangerous and callous message to send – and that is the issue with the doll, not its sex as such. I understand that people who have guns need to do target practice – but they do not need to shoot at a doll presented as “The bitchy ex-girlfriend”. That serves no purpose in terms or learning to hit your target.

      I don’t feel victimized by this doll – I feel insulted. But I have not been a victim of domestic violence myself – and some of our visitors who have been victims have already stated that seeing that doll made them feel extremely uncomfortable and sad, because of the experiences they have had. I believe that joking about domestic violence or violence against women is always wrong, and always dangerous – and that is the message we need to send. It is not about curbing freedom of speech or being the thought police, but promoting a minimum level of tolerance and respect among people, and sending out a message that violence against women is not something one jokes about.

      Thank you again for visiting us, we hope you come again!

      1. Everything can be made funny, even violence toward … kittens! Remember all those jokes about Lorena Bobbitt and cutting off penises? I thought they were funny, and that actually happened. I think there were even “action” figures produced of John Bobbitt with … incomplete parts.

        Sure, it was a gruesome act perpetrated by a troubled woman, but it was joked about to no end and we all took it very well; except John. LoL

        It’s not like any men are cutting off healthy breasts or anything. Oh, wait… (Angelina). Yeah, that’s pretty funny too.

        I guess it’s okay if a doctor maims you at your request then. This argument is getting thinner by the moment.

        It’s a bloody doll called “The Ex Box”; it’s funny because it’s satire; not because it exploits a real issue.

      2. Hi there,
        I would not have found a Lorena Bobbit or John Bobbit action figure funny either. Personally, I think there are plenty of things that are funny and can be joked about – but violence is not one of those. I also don’t think Angelina Jolie’s breasts are relevant to this particular blog post – that is a topic for a whole other conversation. Jolie made a decision about her own body, based on her very particular decision – which is entirely different from violence altogether, which is all about loos of control and someone else violating your body, your privacy and your rights.

        The doll exploits a very real issue. It was marketed based on the fact that violence against women, and especially gun violence against ex-girlfriends or ex-wives, is a very disturbing, real and sadly common phenomenon. What if the doll was marketed as “the jew” or “the black man” – would that have been acceptable? No. So why is it that as societies, we think it is okay to promote and make profit out of violence against women and girls then?

        I think we will just have to agree to disagree on this issue. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – personally, I believe we learn the most when we talk with those we disagree with!

      3. There is also the Haitian Vodou doll to consider. They are designed represent an individual and molested in a number of ways in the hope that those effects will actually be transferred to the individual. Whether good or bad, its all in how its used if it actually effects the individual. But if it’s just a doll… 🙂 Haitian Vodou is a particular religious and cultural practice, so I don’t know how you would approach that argument but I’m interested to know.

        I understand that actual violence against individuals is wrong. Yet, America is the greatest warring nation and designer of false flag terrorism on the planet. But I don’t believe that shooting targets that are made to look like anyone (girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, presidents, Jews, Muslims, or any other particular or random people), regardless of the title, is conditioning people for criminal behavior. That would be a psychotic break, which “they” say is a sickness, and I don’t think that is what we’re discussing here.

        Good talk. It’s been a while since I found a healthy topic for debate.

    1. Hi Fábio! Thank you for visiting our site! Sometimes it does seem like that, and it’s easy to feel a bit hopeless – but, there are SO many great people and organizations working on these issues, and pushing for change and for a better future, that we just have to try to be inspired and motivated by them and join the ranks! Thanks again for visiting Girls’ Globe, and we hope you come again!

  11. Reblogged this on pinkpig7 and commented:

    1. Hi there, and thank you for the reblog! Yes, more women are definitely needed in leadership positions, in politics, and in running companies all over the world, but while progress is excruciatingly slow, it’s still important to keep in mind that a lot of good things are happening – though the journey is definitely still long! Let’s continue to support us and help each other – that is part of what we hope to do here at Girls’ Globe too! Hope you continue to visit us!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for checking out Girls’ Globe and for your positive and encouraging comment! I agree, it is unbelievable that such products get manufactured and marketed – but let’s hope we’re moving towards a better direction. We hope you continue to visit Girls’ Globe and share your thoughts with us!

    1. Hi Jonathan! Thank you for the reblog – and I fully agree! Some things should NEVER be joked about, and violence against women definitely falls on that list.

  12. This doll is sick. There’s no other way to describe it; it’s very true women are more likely do become victims of violence and they deserve better.
    Thank you for posting this; this doll better be discontinued!

    1. HI there, and thanks for visiting us here at Girls’ Globe! I hope it will be discontinued too, but that might be too much to ask for.. however, they have already changed the name and appearance of the doll, and stopped marketing it as “The Ex” – I’d like to see more progress and stronger action, but at least it is a start! Please do continue to visit us, and let us know your thoughts about our posts!

  13. Dear Emma,

    As someone who was involved in a violent relationship with a man who owned a gun – thank you for writing such a thoughtful post. I got out, and there isn’t a day that passes that doesn’t pass that I’m not grateful for the life I have now … a lot of women aren’t so lucky.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging comment, and thank you for taking the time to read the post and share your thoughts with us. You should feel proud and strong for making it out of that relationship, and being able to share your experiences with others. We are so happy to have you as part of our Girls’ Globe community, and we really hope to see you here again. I wish you (and all women) a future entirely free of violence!

  14. Wow…How on earth was this ever allowed to be sold/used? This really makes me sick, and people saying “it looks like my ex” and about the kitchen…argh! I like how they change the doll because of the Huff post, and not because it is sexist, violent and degrading…hmmm.

    1. Hi! Yes, in a perfect world this doll would have never been manufactured, promoted, presented, marketed, sold, or even thought up by anyone – but the main thing is that at least the public pressure did succeed in forcing the company to change the dummy, and also pressured some resellers to pull it entirely. That is a great victory! Thanks so much for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your thoughts with us, and please do come again!

  15. The doll is really disturbing. The picture reveals what people actually feel about women and their position in the society. Truly unethical. People are always on a rhyme that society is male dominated. My question is who on earth said so??? Nothing becomes reality by just saying it. Men and women are the same, on all grounds, but there are I’m afraid, a few anti-socialists….who choke up the sexual balance and equality of our society, as the people who did the above thing. These are the occasions on which one feels let-down by men. I myself felt quite alarmed as I would never think of hurting women,,,,,and that too based on what,,,,,,,,,physical disparity??? Absurd I tell you. But well there is still hope of a better society where women are treated with respect in society………cheers!!

    1. Hi there, and thanks for visiting Girls’ Globe and leaving us a comment! I agree, much needs to change in most societies in terms of gender equality, respect towards women and general attitudes about violence and discrimination – but as you rightly pointed out, there is plenty of hope! We try to do our part in sharing some of that hope and progress here at Girls’ Globe, and we hope you become a frequent visitor!

  16. Reblogged this on voicelesssoulsdotorg and commented:
    It is really a shame that we as women live in a society that degrades women in such a grotesque way. The makers of such dolls or dummies as they call it is going to produce more violence against women in the near future, then who should we hold accountable for the many women who will be pick off by a bullet because some idiot has had some target practice oh with what again? the dummy doll. Shaking my dam head at society. The Government the NRA < The house of representatives will not be move until the bullets hit there daughters or granddaughters. Should it matter then when its close to their home? AS A WOMEN IT MATTERS NO MATTER WHERE IT IS…

    1. Hi Regina, and thank you for visiting us here at Girls’ Globe, sharing your thoughts with us and for reblogging the post! Sometimes it does seem like a daunting task – standing up against such products and marketing tactics, and big machines like the NRA, but small successes are reached every day. We just need to try to focus on those, find strength in the little victories, and push forward! Thanks again for visiting, and we do hope to see you again!

  17. Thanks for writing about this. I’m absolutely disgusted. I seriously hope they go under. Doubtful now, with all this press about them 🙁

    1. Hi Phoenix! Thank you for visiting our site and sharing your thoughts with us! Yes, I agree – I don’t think the company is going under, but the great thing is that the public rage and reaction to the doll did get them to change their products and marketing! It may seem like a small step, but it is a step to the right direction nonetheless! We hope you continue to visit Girls’ Globe and share your opinions with us!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and for the reblog! I personally believe that every country in the world has still miles to go in terms of human rights – some more miles than others – and that we can all learn from each other, from west to east to north to south! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and do continue to visit us in the future as well!

      1. You’re welcome! I am only sorry I didn’t know of your blog before, I think you ladies are holding a brilliant organization and I seriously wish and pray that it gets every success! I look forward to learning more from you!!!

  18. At times I wonder where I am living, is this really acceptable behavior in the USA? Violence is always part of the problem and never part of any solution.

    1. Hello! I agree – battling violence is one of the most important tasks for many countries, not just the US, and that cannot be done through methods that only fuel more violence. Luckily, many people in the US are also realizing that the status quo with gun violence is unacceptable, and are raising their voices to demand for action and change! Thanks for visiting Girls’ Globe, and we hope to see you here again!

  19. Eliminate the hate. I thought the crazy Communist Russians were supposed to be the ‘bad guys.’

    Why were we fed the propaganda that destroying family tearing apart a woman’s natural desire for family; and giving men a reason to not take care of family would be good for anyone?

    I live about half time in Ukraine. What a difference. They cannot understand what went wrong in America.

    Neither can I.

    Do you understand?


    1. Hello there! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and taking the time to let us know your thoughts! I think America, as all countries, has gotten many things wrong – and just as many right! The great thing is that the movement in the US to battle violence against women is very strong and active, and progress is also constantly being made. In terms of family, and women’s and men’s role in it, I don’t think there is a one model that fits all, and giving people options and freedom to choose is what we should strive for. Thanks again for visiting, and we hope to see you here again!

      1. Emma,

        I have watched ‘the battle’ for decades. And the social change is making America worse, not better. IMHO.

        That is what I blogged about, and what I see when I go back to Ukraine.

        And this is sad.

        We have the jobs and economic might. They have family. And a lot less overall violence and hate.


  20. Reblogged this on If Only… and commented:
    Absolutely terrifies me that this type of violence is normalised in a “civilized” country such as the US. Having these type of behaviours and attitudes deemed acceptable as “Just a bit of fun” or “practice” is really at the core of the presence of such problems.
    Thought the idea of how when these things turn into a joke, that’s when they really become dangerous, was extremely relevant.
    A very interesting post deserving of an attentive read.

    1. Hello! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe, and for the reblog! I agree – normalizing violent and hateful attitudes towards women and girls is extremely dangerous, and only fuels more violence. Thank you for your positive feedback and for taking the time to share your opinion with us! We hope to see you here again!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for the positive feedback 🙂 Please do continue to visit Girls’ Globe for more great pieces related to women’s and girls’ rights and empowerment!

  21. im getting ready to write something similar about an article i read on msn.com about a threatening facebook page toward a california representative – who happens to be a woman advocating for changes in the military in dealing with rape. im so glad others see that the freedom of speech etc., doesn’t mean using it in ways that actually causes harm (in this case by continuing the ideas that it’s okay to be violent against women). often i hear it’s just a joke; it’s my freedom of speech – um no it’s not. that kind of speech is harmful. all jokes hold a nugget of truth to them so in this case – the nugget of truth is that someone somewhere deep down wants to kill their ex and this just allows them to do it legally – scary! very well written! thank you for sharing this and helping making that voice be heard. i agree that things can’t change unless we make it happen by taking some kind of action.

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting us here at Girls’ Globe and sharing your thoughtful comment with us! I share your thoughts – freedom of speech is not a free pass to violent or hateful propaganda. Thank you for your encouraging feedback and comment – do continue to visit us and read more insightful posts from our great team of bloggers, and if and when you publish your own post that you mentioned, please do share that with us as well!

    1. Hi! Yes, violence and abuse towards children is also an extremely worrying and serious phenomenon, and urgently deserves just as much attention as issues around violence against women. Thanks for visiting Girls’ Globe, and please do come again!

  22. Wow, this is really sick… i can’t believe that someone will had the right mind to come up with a doll like this. Great article by the way.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and taking the time to read the article and share your thoughts with us – we hope to see you here again!

    1. Agreed! The great thing is that the company has already had to change the doll – and many resellers have started pulling it from their selection! We just have to keep pushing! Thank you for visiting our site, and do come again!

  23. I think this whole “zombie culture” thing is really stupid first of all. Second, in regards to “Alexa”, you hit the nail on the head with “it is a representation of a very real and disturbing normalization of violence against women and girls”. I think some people are disturbed, and when given the opportunity, will abuse our rights and have them taken from us. Ideas like Alexa, and other media outlets, are just fueling the fragile minds. Well done on this piece, an congrats on the Press!

    1. Hi! I agree – these kinds of products promote a dangerously callous attitude towards violence against women. Luckily there are plenty of people fighting the good fight and aggressively demanding for positive change! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment, and thanks for visiting Girls’ Globe – we hope to see you here again!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and supporting us by reblogging the post! We hope to see you here again!

  24. This is just sick! I wouldn’t event expect to find something this lame and disturbing at “Spencer’s” (no offense to anyone who is at all fond of or associated with the store chain)

    1. Yes, it is definitely very disturbing! Luckily, the pressure towards the company and resellers has already led to positive developments! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your thoughts with us!

    1. Hi Leslie! Thanks for visiting Girls’ Globe! I am not sure if I understood your question correctly – I’m not sure if you’re referring to the attention and public demands around the shooting target, or what we are doing here at Girls’ Globe – but to either one, my answer is: Yes, I hope so.

      In terms of the Alexa-doll, previously referred to as “The Ex”, my personal opinion is that the public anger and commotion that was created around the shooting target resulted in 1) Amazon pulling the doll from its store, 2) the company re-naming the doll from “The Ex” to Alexa, and 3) the company changing the doll’s appearance to look less like a real woman and more like a zombie. While these may seem like small changes, I think that they demonstrate the power of collective action, civil movements and public opinion in terms of pressuring companies to ensure that the products that they sell do not promote acceptance towards violence against women. It may seem like a drop in the bucket – but many drops form an ocean. We need to take pride in small victories and recognize small progress, on our way to bigger change and larger societal shifts.

      In terms of Girls’ Globe, we hope to raise awareness about issues concerning girls and women around the world, and advocate for a better world for women and girls, which in my opinion will also result in a better world for men and boys. I do believe we are doing that – and I know we will keep trying!

      Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe, and please do continue to read out posts and share your thoughts with us in the future!

  25. Holy cow, that’s disgusting. The issue I take with the “Alexa doll” is one less about gun control and more having to do with the normalization of violence against women in our society. The encouragement of violent vengeance on women is horrible. Even if some might claim that shooting a doll is a harmless outlet, manufacturing and selling the doll validates the existence of dangerous sentiments to physically harm women if one gets mad at us. The “Alexa doll” essentially says that it’s okay to want to physically hurt a woman.

    1. Hello! I agree with you, the problem with “Alexa” is the attitudes it promotes, and the fact that it normalizes violence against women and makes it into a joke. Luckily, a lot has already been achieved in terms of the doll’s sale being discontinued by Amazon, and the name and appearance of the doll having been changed by the manufacturer. Collective action and raising our voices can and does lead to results and change – so we just need to keep pushing and working even harder!

      Thank you so much for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your thoughts with us, and we hope to see you here again!

  26. Thanks so much for sharing this-As a survivor of horrific domestic violence I am disgusted that this type of target would been made. I am pro gun but this image shook me up. I can remember a time when I actually looked like that-broken nose, bleeding down my face-all at the hands of my abusive ex-husband. This is not about gun control, this is about having some common courtesy and sensitivity towards others. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention. I will be sharing this article with my local DV organization and we will do some research to make sure that none of these targets are in our area in NJ.

    1. Hi Abbz,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and your very personal experience, with us here at Girls’ Globe. It sounds like you have been through a lot – but it also sounds like you’ve survived through it, which makes you a very strong woman. I am glad to hear that this post is encouraging people to take action in their local communities, and I hope the progress that has already been made with this particular doll gives you, and all of us, some hope. Do keep us updated on your work in your own community! I wish you all the best, and hope you continue to visit us and share your thoughts with us – we love to hear your voice here in the Girls’ Globe community.

  27. This company is not even American. So resisting European Cosmopolitanism is easy. To many self proclaimed hero’s trying to change a world they do not understand. These groups actually aggravate the human condition more than help it. But you have to make money some how I guess. This is like those rich European Billionaires buying up all of Africa to conserve what doesn’t even belong to them, only with people.

    Europeans and Asians are notoriously dangerous to other countries sovereignty.

  28. Thank you for sharing this, it pains me how horribly women are treated in society. It is as though some have forgotten that women are people not objects who can toyed around with, we have thoughts, feelings and emotions too This display of objectification is disgusting.

    1. Hello Gabriella! Thank you for sharing your valuable inputs with us and supporting Girls’ Globe! It is true, women are treated horribly across societies in many ways – but the great thing is that there are hundreds and thousands of individuals, groups and organizations working very had to change that – and progress, while sometimes slow, is being made! Thanks again, and please do continue to be a part of our community!

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your input with us! I hope to see you here again!

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting Girls’ Globe! We hope you continue to visit and read more stuff from our great bloggers!

    1. Hi! Yes, it is disturbing – but luckily the public outcry against this product has already led to some notable, concrete changes! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe, and do continue to visit our site and read our posts in the future too!

  29. A very enlightening article. I don’t see why anyone would want to shoot at any realistic doll to be honest. But then again, I think the USA’s gun laws are stupid. That’s a different thing though.

    1. Thank you for your positive comment and for visiting Girls’ Globe! Yes, much remains to be done in terms of gun laws in America (in my personal opinion), but hopefully we are on the right path with that! We hope you continue to visit Girls’ Globe and share your thoughts with us!

  30. You could pull all these dolls off the shelf, stop women from being killed in horror movies and violence against women will still persist. The point I’m trying to make is that we need an end to all sorts of violent behavior. Until laws are enforced with high penalties to deter the perpetrators of these acts and women are strong enough in themselves to speak out when it is happening, the crime will continue. It is my opinion that the first front of any feminist movement should come from empowering women in themselves. It always seems like there are women like the ones on this blog fighting the good fight, but there are so many more outside reinforcing the old stereotypes which is far more dangerous than any doll would ever be. You only have to look at the reactions of most young girls to Chris Brown to see how much work has to be done here. Just my thoughts, I don’t think shooting a female doll will in the slightest way make a man think it’s okay to hit a woman unless there were already underlying issues in the first place.

    1. Hi there, and thank you for your very thoughtful comment. I 100% agree with you – pulling these kinds of products off the shelves or changing how women are portrayed in movies, media, TV or games won’t be enough alone to stop violence against women – but, I personally do believe that such measures, and also the process of bringing attention and awareness around them, are essential pieces of a bigger puzzle. Many countries condone a culture of tolerance and acceptance towards violence against women, and for that culture to change, much needs to happen – changes have to take place on every single level of society, from the very highest decision makers, legislative processes and policies all the way down to the community-level, in homes, in kindergartens, in schools. The journey is without a doubt long, but I do think great progress has been and is being made constantly, and that is encouraging. We also love to see how active our readers are, and how much people care about these issues, want to participate in the conversation and want to find ways to promote change in their own lives and own communities. I think that is extremely inspiring. Thank you again for visiting Girls’ Globe, and please do visit us again and check out posts from our other great bloggers!

    1. Unfortunately these kinds of things happen around the world, irrespective of countries’ level of development – and they are just as disturbing and wrong everywhere, both in developed and developing countries. But, great progress is being made, and that is what we should focus on – and keep pushing for an even better future! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe, and we hope you continue to check out our new posts as well!

      1. I really feel like whats this?
        and have questions like.
        Is this really a part of human society?
        Do we devolving or evolving ???
        Thank you.

  31. This is so disturbing! I wonder when people will realise that their “jokes” are taken seriously by some madmen. Unfortunately, even then, these people will refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

    1. Hi Akshita! I agree, there needs to be more responsibility and accountability, and understanding about the fact that violence against women is a very real phenomenon and cannot be taken lightly. Let’s keep demanding for that accountability! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe, and we look forward to seeing you here again!

  32. Gosh, I am appalled by this – I love this post and kudos for bringing this photo to our attention. I didn’t even know dolls like this exist. Where are the ex boyfriend ones?

    Thank you for this.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for visiting our site and supporting us! I am hoping to see a day when there are no ex-girlfriend nor ex-boyfriend targets to shoot at.. preferably no human-like targets at all! A world without guns would be my dream, but I guess that could also be called utopia.. maybe one day! In the mean time, we will keep fighting the fight, and we are so happy to have our readers supporting us and making the Girls’ Globe community into such a vibrant, exciting space!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging and supporting comment! We think it is great to have your support for the Girls’ Globe network and community, and hope that you’ll keep visiting us and reading our posts in the future as well!

      1. It was a confronting post to look at and read but I’m glad I did, and I’m so glad you got Freshly Pressed for this. It’s also encouraging to read the comments from other people who are just as horrified, thank you for bringing it to the attention of a global audience.

    1. Hi Kaberi! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe! I agree – I don’t know who would want to buy these products, but clearly there is a market for them. However, there have also been positive twists to this story, such as Amazon pulling the doll and ZI changing the name and the look of it – and those small steps and small victories is what we need to focus on, and keep pushing for even bigger change! Thank you for your support, and do keep visiting Girls’ Globe for more posts on issues concerning girls and women!

  33. Obviously there is a market for this kind of product and condemning peoples feelings is ok, but wouldn’t it be more valuable to look at why this has become a phenomenon? I see so much anti-violence writing whose message is “Violence against women is never ok!” but very little that looks for causes and solutions. Demanding products that offend you be discontinued creates an us-versus-them mentality that will help no one in the end. Why not be part of the solution?

    1. Hi there, and thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your thoughts with us! I fully agree with you, we need to move past identifying and recognizing problems to solution-based approaches and results-based methods, and especially ones that focus on prevention. I do think that raising awareness about these issues is also a big part of that equation, because awareness leads to action – for example as in the case of one of our readers, Tara, who marched to a gun store in her community and asked the owner to pull the “Alexa” doll from his store. These small and local actions are in the end extremely huge, and can lead to big, lasting and society-wide changes in attitudes, norms, behavior as well as laws and policies. Our aim here at Girls’ Globe is to raise awareness, to advocate for change, and also to move past rhetoric and promote these values in our everyday lives, through our everyday actions, small and big – we hope to be a part of the solution ourselves, and we hope to encourage our readers to be a part of the solution as well!

      1. It all sounds great, but demanding that a product be removed from the store is not the same as understanding why that product was created and why gun enthusiasts would want to buy it. What value does condemnation add? Telling someone who wants to shoot an effigy of a woman that he’s evil won’t change him. We can see that this strategy is an utter failure in the classroom where demanding a child learn isn’t nearly as productive as understanding the barriers to that child’s growth. What good does condemnation do?

    2. I have to agree with ‘ianamcleannan’.
      Great article, but I’m a little tired of people simply walking around saying ‘violence against women is not ok’. Well of course it’s not. You don’t have to be a saint to know that, but it still occurs. Why?

      Why do people find pleasure in shooting at these dolls? That is the question we need to address, because if we know why, then we can find a real solution.

      1. Hello there, and thank you for your contribution! I fully agree – preventing and stopping violence, whether it is against women, girls, minorities, certain ethnicity – or men and boys, won’t happen until we identify the root causes behind this violence. Luckily there is a lot of work happening to do exactly that – you can take a look at my fellow blogger Elisabeth’s most recent post that mentions “Schools for Husbands” in Niger as one approach to changing prevailing norms and attitudes. I do think that being loud about these issues is a part of the battle though, and that bringing attention to both the challenges and achievements is extremely important – whether it be through blogs, newspapers, events, rallies, talks, discussion groups, or just friends sharing thoughts and learning from each other. Thank you again for participating in the conversation, and pushing me, and us here at Girls’ Globe, to challenge ourselves! We hope to see you here again soon!

    1. Hi there! Yes, I fully agree – the great news is that the company manufacturing the targets has changed “Alexa’s” appearance from looking like a real woman to looking like an actual zombie. This is of course just a small victory – but a victory nonetheless, and a step in the right direction! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe, and we hope you continue to be part of our community!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your positive feedback and encouragement! Yes, I am currently in India, though sadly only for a few more weeks – time to move on to the next challenge after a wonderful year here in Bangalore! Thanks for visiting Girls’ Globe, and do continue to visit us in the future too!

  34. This is extremely immature. Tell me, is there an ‘Alex’ doll where women can shoot half-naked man-dolls? This idea of ‘using’ women to get rid of stress or whatever disgusts me.
    Great article by the way!

    1. Hi! Nope, no “Alex” doll.. the male dolls actually look like zombies (even the one that also looked like Obama) – but there is an update: The “Alexa” doll has been revised to look less like an actual woman and more like a zombie, like the male dolls! While I still find this whole zombie shooting target thing slightly grotesque, it is definitely a step in the right direction – and without a doubt direct result of the public pressure! Thank you for your positive support, and this only shows us that collective action can and does lead to positive change!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment and support! Our amazing Girls’ Globe blogger team actively writes about a variety of topics that globally affect women and girls, so do keep your eye out for the next post! We are so happy you visited our site, and hope you continue to be ab active part of our community!

  35. Awesome article, and your spot on. I think it is sad that we normalise violence against women, and continue to see the hypersexualistion of women in media. Seriously, a big-tit zombie doll? What has society come to.

    1. Hi Sian! Thank you for your support and encouragement! Luckily, there are lots of great people in the world – including our great Girls’ Globe team and our wonderful readers – who stand up against these issues! We hope to see you here at Girls’ Globe frequently!

      1. I shall be! The more people making a stand the higher chance we have for change (I should like to think)!
        Thank you for your response 🙂

    1. Thank you for your positive feedback and support to Girls’ Globe! Please do continue to visit us and sharing your thoughts and opinions with us!

  36. This is outrageous. Don’t we have enough of random real life shootings going on? A girl shot by a 9 year old brother? The guy who shot people in the theater that showing the new Batman movie? The guy who shot kids in an elementary school? All those men who shot their current or ex girlfriend/wife. Now we have practice dolls for that?

    I had been to a shooting range once. I couldn’t survive in there for more than 5 mins. The loud noise and all the people so amused at aiming at different strategic parts of the sketch of a human figure!

    1. Hi! Yes, I agree – the prevalence of gun violence in the US should send a clear message that something has to change. Hopefully, we here at Girls’ Globe can be a part of driving that change, and we are to happy to see this great response and action towards this particular issue by our readers! Please do continue to visit us and let us know your thoughts and opinions!

  37. What a shame that they couldn’t have zombified the doll to make it more acceptable. The more life-like they make it they more disgusting the people buying and enjoying shooting it are. I definitely don’t blame all gun owners (I support the right to own and use weapons) but the idiots that think it is fun to shoot an ex.

    1. Hi! I agree, the issue is not gun ownership in itself, but turning gun violence, and particularly violence against women, into a joke and something to be taken lightly. Hopefully this culture of normalizing violence against women is turning around though – slowly but surely! Thank you so much for supporting us here at Girls’ Globe, and please do continue to visit our site and read our posts in the future!

  38. All I can say is wow. It’s very disturbing that some people consider this “normal”. I have three little girls to raise and am scared to death of what they’re exposed to and what they learn is “OK”. This is why I would never, ever support anything associated with the NRA even if the doll was a man, zombie, anything. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi! Yes, I agree – wow. Luckily, the world is also filled with wonderful and inspiring people – such as our readers and my fellow bloggers here at Girls’ Globe – who do amazing things every day to battle this kind of issues! Hopefully those are the people your daughters will be exposed to in their lives, and I am sure they also have a great role model in their own mother to look up to! Thank you so much for visiting Girls’ Globe and being an active part of our community – we hope to see you here again!

    1. Hi Rami! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe! Yes, we are disgusted too – but also inspired by this amazing response, and the action people have taken both online and offline to protest the doll and demand for it to be pulled from stores! Keep coming back to Girls’ Globe, and keep sharing your thoughts with us!

  39. Gun rights don’t come into this at all for me. Human rights do. Some humans are simply, purely insane. This is so demeaning to women, girls and even the people who agree with it. Anyone over five ought to know better. And here I thought we were in 2013 not 1023. Sadness. 🙁

    1. Hi! Yes, it is sad, and disheartening, and depressing, and angering – but, it’s also wonderful to see so many people react to this issue here on this post, on other articles written by this same topic, on Twitter, and in their everyday lives. This tells us that there is power in our voice and collective action, and as long as we keep pushing for that change, we can turn things around! So let’s keep doing that – together! Please do stay tuned to our posts here on Girls’ Globe, and continue to share your comments with us in the future as well!

  40. Thank you for sharing. Well, sort of, except now I’m sick to my stomach. I am a firm supporter of gun rights, but this is not an issue of gun rights. It’s an issue of normalizing violence against humans, most especially female humans. It’s not funny and it really is disappointing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kim! Yes, I agree – this goes beyond gun rights, to treating women and girls with dignity and respect and not promoting products that fuel a culture of violence and anger towards women. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and visiting our site, and please do continue to read our posts and share your thoughts and opinions with us!

  41. It’s amazing when I’m asked if I’m a gun advocate….by ignorant people. If I hurt someone who meant me or mine harm… I wouldn’t be an advocate of my actions. I’ll never give up my guns…family tradition. But so are more important ideals than guns… respect for life and children, women above all else. I’m an American and while that gives the right to bare arms….it was written during a time that taught respect for the gift and blessing of women. I don’t care how many “women” undignify themselves in todays world… nothing is quite as beautiful as a good women. If we see some forgetting how special they are, how beautiful…it’s us as a people to remind them of the importance that they will always hold. I renounce affiliation to scum who condone this petty trash. And I pray that no women will pay the cost of this shameful display of capitalism. From the guys who know how beautiful women are…no matter how they tear us apart at times…. ” I’m very sorry to all of you.” 1Love! Great post!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment and positive feedback! We also think women and girls are pretty great – and deserve to be treated with more respect! We hope you continue to visit us here at Girls’ Globe, read our posts about issues concerning women and girls worldwide, and stay an active part of our community!

      1. Without you and other good women….We wouldn’t have goodness in our community…or even a community worth being a part of. I thank you for the goodness contributed. 1Love!

  42. Thank you for your post – I saw it on Freshly Pressed and didn’t want to read it at first, but then came here anyway. There is so much violence against women, not just in the US but the world. It is always painful to read about these incidents. Thank you for talking to the store owner about discontinuing the sale of the “doll.”

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment – I am glad you decided to come over anyway, even though the topic is not the most uplifting – But, luckily there was also a positive side to the story! Spreading information about these things is also important, so that people are aware of what is happening in their communities and countries, and can take informed action to promote positive change. It was our reader, Tara Golden, who decided to really rise up to the challenge, and marched to a local gun store to ask the owner to discontinue the sales of this doll – and it seems it worked, which is amazing! She is really an inspiration to us all, and we are so happy here at Girls’ Globe to be able to inspire our readers to take action – big or small – against injustice, gender-based violence and gender inequality. That is how we change the world – together, collectively, one small thing at a time!

  43. I agree about the exposed bust area…um what?! It’s like in horror films how they always kill the half-naked/overly sexual woman. It’s awful.

    1. Hi Jada! Yes, tell me about it. I seriously doubt the exposed bust serves any practical purpose, but is merely meant to sexualize the doll – and therein lies the problem. The doll is essentially marketed as a slutty, bitchy ex-girlfriend that an angry man can take his rage out on – and that is a dangerous story to sell, one that plays out in real life way too often. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with us, and please do continue to be a part of our Girls’ Globe community!

  44. True and true again is the adage that evil prevails when good people do nothing about it. I believe it was Edmund Burke who said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing.”

    Thank you, Emma, for doing something about this evil by writing about it. Thank you for sharing it, exposing its grotesque morbidity and for speaking out. I’m grateful too, to WP for drawing our attention to it on “Freshly Pressed”.

    I’m definitely sharing this post far and wide.

    1. Hi Geralyn! Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I totally agree – it takes committed, passionate good people to stand up to the barricades and demand a better world for not only girls and women, but for boys and men too, for positive change to happen. The beautiful thing is that there are SO many of those good people out there! Thank you for your support and kind words, and for sharing the post with your circles and audience – we greatly appreciate that! I sincerely hope you continue to be a frequent visitor and commenter here on Girls’ Globe!

  45. First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to compose a research based response to this issue. I don’t have the emotional control to write about crimes against feminism. You are right, it shouldn’t matter what the name of the doll is. The fact that this is a sexualized woman used for target practice makes it a tool for normalizing violence against women. If we keep raising our voices, change will happen. Thank you for contributing thoughtfully to the movement.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment and feedback, I am happy to see this post has been able to spread awareness of this issue, and hopefully it will also inspire people to take action! I fully agree with what you said about raising our voices and making change happen – and I’m happy that our Girls’ Globe community, both us bloggers and our great readers such as you, are part of this movement and part of making that change happen! We hope you continue to visit Girls’ Globe and share your thoughts and opinions with us in the future as well!

  46. It’s clear that Zombie industries was targeting the male population with this gimmick. And there lies the fault – it is us men who are still on the other side of civility and hence are swayed by such a gimmick. If the market were 100% civilized, there would be no place for this product.

    1. Hi Ajay! Yes, the target audience for this doll was clearly men – but the great thing is that luckily there are also plenty of men who have stood up against this product, and who stand up against violence against women in their lives every day! As horrible as these kinds of things are, they also bring out a great sense of unity in people and bring both men and women together to fight violence and demand change – and that is great! Thank you so much for your comment, and we hope to see you here at Girls’ Globe in the future as well!

  47. I think the problem is violence against HUMANS not just women. We must stop seeing issues like these through gender shades. In the mean time, the problem of violence (against any gender) is real & needs serious attention.

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting Girl’s Globe and sharing your thoughts with us! Yes, I totally agree – violence against any person is a serious matter that under no circumstances should be normalized, accepted or made into a joke. Gendered violence, however, is its own form of violence – and most often, though not always, targets women and girls. This particular posts focused on that type of violence, the kind driven by hatred and rage towards one sex – the female sex – and the normalization of that kind of violence through products like the Alexa doll. I, and we here at Girls’ Globe, condemn all violence, and hope to do our best to promote non-violent societies for both girls and boys and women and men. Thank you again for visiting, and we hope you continue to read our posts in the future as well!

    1. Hello! Yes, me too. I am glad to see the post is getting so much traffic and attention – hopefully more people will do what our reader Tara did, and take action in their own communities to stand up against violence against women! Thank you so much for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your thoughts with us! We hope you become a frequent reader!

    1. Hi Dannii! Yes, I agree. Let’s hope it gets pulled entirely soon. Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe, and we hope you continue to visit our site!

  48. While this doll is sick, I fail to connect this with law abiding citizens that use guns within the law and don’t randomly shoot people. Your “loose” connection strikes me as tragic actually. So women should take their hate of this company and transfer it to all guns, the NRA, and let us just include Republicans since you basically screamed it without saying it. Guns have nothing to do with women’s violence and it is a shame that people find a example and latch on. I hope you never have to defend your family from intruders with a butter knife. I will protect my wife and daughters within the law.

    1. Hello there! Thank you for your comment and opinions! I do disagree with you – guns have a lot to do with violence against women, and as the data shows, women in the US are at a much higher risk to die from gun violence than in other developed countries – and usually at the hands of a spouse, a boyfriend, or an ex. While I am a big proponent of stricter gun laws, this post itself was not about that issue, but about the marketing of this particular doll as “the ex-girlfriend”, as if shooting at an ex-girlfriend is a funny joke and a way to sell more dolls. I believe it sends out a wrong, dangerous message, and normalizes violence against women. This doll has nothing to do with self-protection, such as in the case of an intruder – it fuels hatred towards women, and makes women the target. I hope neither one of us never has to defend our families from intruders, and I believe it is all of our responsibility – Republicans, Democrats, gun owners and those who are against guns or for stricter gun laws – to make our societies safer for women and girls. We will only get there through collective action.

      Thank you so much for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your thoughts, and we hope to see you here again in the future!

      1. I realized that and like I said, that target thing is awful. As a father of 2 daughters, it makes me angry. I just wanted to point out my view on the gun issue, because I see comments about it as well. Take care~

      2. Hi! Yes, I do agree that there are many gun owners who are responsible, law-abiding citizens – and the great thing is that many of those gun owners, such as yourself, have also come forward to condemn this target and demand for it to be discontinued! Thanks again for actively participating in the discussion here, and we hope to see you again!

      3. While I am opposed to of the efforts of our politicians to control guns and do nothing about mental health issues or address the offenders more harshly, I absolutely agree with you that these targets exhibit extremely poor judgement on the part of the manufacturer and anybody who should decide to stock and resell them.

    2. I just want to say one thing. I don’t mean to cause a flame war by saying this but, if an armed intruder walks into your house, is it likely that you’ll have time to go to wherever you keep your guns to fend off this person? They would shoot you dead before you could blink. People always say guns are useful for self-defense, but they forget how little the chance is of actually arming yourself in time.

      1. I think a retired vet would probably be more handy with a gun then someone who is not used to handling one – such as myself – which is why I don’t want to own one. I don’t doubt some people do find comfort and sense of security in having one – I just think that gun laws and regulations, as well as products such as this doll, need to promote general safety, respect and tolerance, and not the other way around.

  49. I’m shocked – but the sad thing is I’m not all that surprised. Notice how women, to attract a wider audience, always get portrayed lightely clothed and in need of protection through men and mostly plotting something manipulative. Those comments you quoted made me really angry. There’s a “joke” like that too: “A woman gets hit by a car at lunch time. Whose fault is it? – The woman’s. She shouldn’t have been out on the street, because she should have been preparing lunch.” People see it lightely and laugh about it, but I fully agree it’s the problem it’s being normalized and it’s almost not shocking anymore. Great post, this was just the blog I was looking for.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, and for visiting Girls’ Globe! I agree, violence against women is made into a joke on a daily basis, and sadly around the world as well, which desensitizes us to the issue. Luckily there are lots of great people working on turning that around, and focusing on sending out the opposite message – that violence against women is never a joke, and should never be taken lightly. Thank you again for visiting GG and being part of the discussion – we hope to see you here in the future as well!

  50. Emma, thank you for spreading awareness about this disturbing product and violence against women! It is so encouraging to see how people are taking action and that Girls’ Globe can inspire others to make a change in their communities. We all have a role to play to end violence against women. Thanks for a great post and thanks for raising awareness.

    1. Julia, thank you for having me be a part of Girls’ Globe – it is a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this great network, and be able to share my thoughts and opinions about things that matter to me with a wider audience – and seeing my posts inspire people to action is even greater. It is truly a pleasure!

  51. It just came to my attention today that a local Bait and Tackle store is selling these targets. I will be going to the store to meet with the owner and ask him to stop selling the women targets.

    1. Myself and another staff went to the store and there was the “Ex Girlfriend” for sale, it was disheartening and disturbing to see this half bleeding lifelike target. We spoke with the owner about violence against woman, about the impact of deadly violence the target is and I showed him a list of 18 victims of femicide in Minnesota for 2012.

      The store owner has agreed to NOT sell the “Ex Girlfriend” and display it any longer.

      We will be following up to make certain he has removed the target. We understand he will take a loss as a small business owner….a life is worth more than $89.95!

      1. Dear Tara,

        I think what you have done is absolutely amazing, and a great example of inspiring action to battle violence against women! It is so great to hear about people like you, who do more than identify a problem, but actually take concrete action to promote positive change in your own community. On behalf of Girls’ Globe, I would like to sincerely thank you for making your own contribution to the fight against violence against women. I am a firm believer in the power of individual and small actions, that can have an immense and large-scale power to really bring about positive social change. Thank you for sharing this great news with us, and we hope you continue to visit Girls’ Globe in the future and stay an active part of our community!

  52. Wow, I can’t believe people would be so sick as to create this ‘Alexa’ doll! And to want to shoot at her?! As I don’t live in the US, I don’t hear about these things, so I thank you very much for spreading the word of respect and equality, even in this day and age.

    1. Hello! Yes, the doll is definitely very disturbing. Hopefully one day soon the company will pull it entirely, or at least change it substantially – but the fact that Amazon removed it from their online store was a great victory! There’s still plenty of battle left in the fight for girls’ and women’s equality and respect, but luckily there are also big and small successes and victories too, every day and all over the world!

      1. If you don’t like American Ideal’s then stay out of our country. The Doll was wrong I agree, but we don’t need European Liberals with a bunch of money and nothing to do bothering us in this country. We came over here to get away from that.

      2. Hi Manstuffnservices!
        I am not sure whose post your reply was for, but it would be great to keep the conversation friendly. I don’t think anyone here was criticizing American ideals – the criticism is about normalizing and promoting violence against women, and that most definitely is not an American value. Thank you very much for being an active reader, and we do hope you’ll continue to visit our site!

    2. Wow, i totally agree how could someone be so sick to even think of this, All it does is make a person really want to abuse a female. Women have yet to be respected by the male race. This is crazy.

    1. Yes, United States is a country where a big societal shift in attitudes is probably required before gun violence statistics actually start to go down – but the great thing is that there are many passionate people, groups, organizations and networks lobbying and pushing for stricter gun laws, better control, safer cities, streets and communities, and I don’t think those people are stopping any time soon! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe and sharing your thoughts, and please do keep coming back for more news, blogs and updates on issues concerning girls and women!

      1. CSTrimble, thinking about it like this. When you were 12 your mom use to lecture you on safety before you went out with your friends. Maybe even spy on you as you played around the corner.

        Whether men truly accept it or not, these women have left the house and now manage city governments, think tanks, etc… They are going to bring these motherly instincts with them now they are not just expected to be at home. So before people go out agitating one another, we need to truly get a grasp on “changing” attitudes. If you have a wife, g/f, you do know that they worry about everything. We go about it explaining ourselves to diffuse the situation. I don’t think waving your gun around and selling ridiculous targets is going to help.

      2. imagine the affect violent imagery is having on children worldwide, and the next generation of love created, a far cry from what it looked like starting out. imagine the affect pornography has on young children. thank you for being observant, may you continue successfully in your mission.

    2. Jest za dużo przemocy na Swiecie ,wojny ,miejscowe zamieszki ,w kórych giną niewinne osoby ,w tym kobiety i dzieci.Z przerażeniem słucham informacji radiowych czy telewizyjnych o skutkach dzialań wojennych na tle religijnym, rasowym czy plemiennym.Ostatnio mój znajomy przysłał mi na Facebook,filmik o okrutnym traktowaniu kobiety Muzułmanki przez mężczyzn,ktorzy bili ją pejczami gdzie popadnie,,która miala związane ręce i nogi .Nie mogła w żaden sposób się bronić.,zaslonić.Czy w czymś zawiniła ,czy nie ,nie ma znaczenia.To bestialstwo wobec kobiety ,nie mogącej się bronić jest okrucieństwem.Należy nagłaśniać w calym Swiecie ,traktowanie kobiet w Swiecie Islamu ,gdzie kobiety zupelnie są uzależnione od mężczyzn i do tego żle traktowane.

    3. Ban this, ban that… Bans are not the solution!

      Having worked in the law enforcement arena since 1991 and the military prior to that, I can tell you that bans are not the way to change attitudes and beliefs. Making something illegal makes certain people want such items even more and creates a black market for these articles. See: Prohibition in the US 1920-1933.

      Education is the key to prevention. Prosecutors and judges need to provide stiffer penalties for abusers. Restraining orders and protection orders are merely pieces of paper. Not bullet proof shields.

      1. I was almost attacked yesterday in San Bernardino by a homeless man. I wasn’t sure what he had on him but myself being unarmed was very nerve racking. I eventually made big like a person trying to scare a cougar and it worked. Cosmopolitans do not understand those of us risking our lives in order to support their imaginative utopia. It’s time to bring down the cloak and reveal the men behind the curtain before they sell all of our civil liberties to the government. As long as law enforcement, military and responsible pro 2nd Amendment stick together, the John Lennon’s of the world will be forced to understand the true reality of Freedom and it’s risk. I agree with this author that doll is wrong. There is no reason to be agitating those all ready dug in at the hills over this issue. But like I said, the reality is to get people to understand the esoteric meanings of freedom and the risk that accompany it. The argument on our end needs to become more intellectual rather than just yelling “don’t ban stuff, 2nd amendment, constitution”. I hope this makes sense.


      2. Hi! Thank you for visiting Girls’ Globe, and sharing your thoughts and opinions with us! I agree, bans alone are not a solution to anything – but the issue with this particular shooting target was not its existence in its own, but the way it was portrayed and marketed as the “ex-girlfriend”, that angry men can take their anger out on by shooting at it (or her). I also fully agree with you in that education is a huge part of the equation – but changing societal attitudes towards violence against women on a larger societal scale is also an essential piece of that equation. We hope to be a part of that change here in Girls’ Globe – and we are glad to have so many active, passionate and opinionated commentators and readers to join us for this journey! Thank you for you comment, and we hope you continue to visit out site in the future!

    4. Increased gun control never precedes a better outcome. That’s just history. In fact, increasing the amount of gun ownership lowers incidents because criminals prefer not to initiate violence toward armed people.

      If you ban bloody stuff… No more simulation of bleeding in the film industry or any red liquids that could be used to simulate blood like red colored corn syrup.

      Or are we cherry picking now, so the “elite” in Hollywood can have bloody stuff but us “low” people can’t? I disagree, a class based society is dangerous. All must be governed by our common law republic. That is like saying the government should have guns, but We The People can’t. That will result in our enslavement or eradication. That, too, is history.

      Shooting people – Bad.
      Shooting dolls – Not Bad.
      It’s simple.

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