Female Condoms Are ________

Female Condom
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When we talk about women’s reproductive health, we often talk about women being empowered to make the best decisions for our health, our families and our lives in general.

When it comes to safe sex, women have many options to prevent pregnancy, but very few when it comes to taking charge of protection against STI’s.  The female condom in the only barrier method used by women that protects against pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.  However, there tends to be some stigma surrounding female condoms; whether it is because they are perceived as unsexy or difficult to use.  The reality is that female condoms are the ideal choice for many women who seek to be in control of their own protection.

Recognizing both the stigma and the opportunity to educate, PATH put out a call for filmmakers around the globe to submit short films under the theme “Female condoms are _________”.  The results, coming from countries like Kenya, Mozambique, United States, Bolivia and Malaysia; are funny, honest, informative and help to dispel misinformation and stigma surrounding female condoms.  Each taking a different angle on female condoms, the films position the contraceptive as empowering, sexy and beneficial for both men and women.

Currently, you can check out videos from the 12 finalists on Path’s YouTube channel, but here are a few of my favourites so far:

The winning films will be screened at  Women Deliver during a special event hosted by PATH on May 28th.

How would you complete the sentence “Female Condoms are ________”?

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