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Image Courtesy of Verily Magazine
Image Courtesy of Verily Magazine

When I was 13, I purchased my first copy of Seventeen Magazine. I can still remember the feeling of excitement as I opened the glorious front cover. I absorbed every detail of fashion, relationship and beauty advice.

I was hooked!

As a young woman, I marveled at the beautiful women, high fashion and the seemingly “perfect” physiques that were displayed on each page. I still love opening a women’s magazine and reading its contents from cover to cover. When I travel, wait in a long line, or take a relaxing bubble bath you can usually find me with the latest copy of Women’s Health.

As I approach my 30’s, I find myself more and more dissatisfied and even disgusted with the content allowed in women’s magazines. Have you picked up a women’s magazine lately? The advertisements and images may make your stomach turn.

When flipping through a women’s magazine you may find images and “fashion” advertisements from popular designers like this one, a 2012 Steven Klein ad:

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of

These images objectify and promote violence against women.

Is this what we call fashion?

As a woman and avid magazine reader, I am horrified by these photographs. I now find myself scanning through most magazines hoping to find some worthy content and, if not, I avoid purchasing the magazine altogether. As an advocate for women’s rights and empowerment, I cannot endorse these advertisements or the magazines that allow their content to be displayed.

Just when I thought my love for the woman’s written word was waning, I found a magazine with a mission to uplift and empower all women.

Introducing Verily Magazine!

Verily is a new kind of women’s magazine: one that that celebrates the best of who you are. We feature fashion that is worthy of the woman, relationship articles that go beyond sex tips, and strong cultural and lifestyle journalism. Verily is the modern woman’s go-to guide on how to lead a fulfilling, integrated life.
Verily Mag

Verily Magazine is a breath of fresh air. The first issue,  released in June 2013, focuses on real issues for real women. The Style Section accentuates a woman’s true beauty, value and worth. I love that I can open the page and find a fashion story which benefits campaigns such as No Kid Hungry.

The Relationship Section acknowledges that all relationships are hard work.  Real women contributors  offer their life experiences and research to help the everyday woman navigate relational challenges. The photography and advertisements are stunning and capture the strength, beauty and wisdom of women from all walks of life.

Image Courtesy of Verily Magazine
Image Courtesy of Verily Magazine

Above all, what has most impressed me about Verily Magazine is the focus on the Lifestyle and Culture of women. The June/July issue features a story which highlights human trafficking and the importance of fighting the issue. Hot off the press, the August/September issue features a story which promotes women as entrepreneurial change agents. These are the stories that inspire and  empower women.  These are the conversations that make a difference in our lives.

My love for magazines has been reawakened. The feelings of excitement that I once had as a young girl have reemerged as I wait for the August/September issue of Verily Magazine to arrive in my mailbox. The magazine is also available for people who live abroad. Verily Magazine truly promotes women’s rights, beauty and empowerment.

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