For World Breastfeeding Week, we have asked mothers to submit photos of themselves breastfeeding and to share their reason for breastfeeding. We want to raise the voices of these mothers and share their pictures to reduce the stigma around breastfeeding in public spaces. We at Girls’ Globe believe that all mothers deserve the professional care and assistance they need to support their children in the best possible way, no matter where in the world these mothers are, or how they choose to feed their babies. While World Breastfeeding Week brings attention to the benefits and importance of nursing, the priority must be on support and acceptance – and giving mothers, and their babies, the services and the help they need and deserve.

We want to promote respect and support for all mothers.

These pictures speak louder than words.

Sleep Feeding

I couldn’t possibly think of a better investment in my child’s well-being than breast milk.

There’s no shame in giving your baby a snack.


Breast milk, I never travel without it.


Breastfeeding after lunch time in the medieval town of Porvoo, Finland.

Breastfeeding in Finland

Are you a mother, how do you choose to feed your baby and why? Share your story in the comments below.

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  1. A mother and baby own their space. They should be placed by everyone in a place of security that no one enters or disrupts. Eventually the child will be old enough to ask for a drink, even that’s OK, but about that time – plus or minus a month or so – “maybe” it’s time to suggest drinking from a cup.

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