Help a Woman, Help the Planet

Women and girls in developing countries bear the greatest burden as climate change impacts our world: water/food security, clean cooking technology, and sustainable agriculture. When it comes to climate change, women and girls just carry a bigger load. A woman will pay forward any opportunity she has – to her kids, her family, her girlfriends, and her community. Ripple Effect Images covers innovative programs that empower women and girls around the world. I am thrilled to announce that Girls’ Globe is now partnering with Ripple Effect Images to eliminate hopelessness and inspire you to make a difference. One image does not change the world, but it can start a Ripple Effect.

Help Girls’ Globe and Ripple Effect Images spread the message that women and girls are the world’s best investment.

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  • Programs that help empower women in developing worlds address an important path to self assistance. The video is powerful. The line “A woman will pay forward any opportunity she has – to her kids, her family, her girlfriends, and her community” is key. Donations are accepted on The Ripple Effect home page.

    • Thanks Ella for spreading the word! What Ripple Effect Images are doing is fantastic and I’m so thrilled that we can help raise awareness through their brilliant films and photos about women and girls.
      And yes! Every donation counts!

  • So beyond excited about the new partnership between Girls Globe and Ripple Effect Images. Powerful women, seeing to the empowerment of equally powerful women across the globe. THAT is what I love to see when collaboration happens!

    • So are we Naomi! It is amazing to connect with the women behind Ripple Effect Images. Together we can do amazing things with amazing women and girls around the world! Collaboration is key for change and change is in the making! Thanks for all you do at Ripple Effect Images!

  • michael mazur

    To empower women the world over, like those we see in the video, requires, as a top priority, the unrestricted access to alternate sources of news. This can only happen by continuing to spread the availability of the electronic infrastructure to support cell phones, tablets, lap tops, and desk tops, as two weeks ago we were teetering at the edge of the slope upon which we could all have easily slid into the oblivion of thermonuclear war. That would have meant extinction for us all. However, for the first time in the history of our species, a govt, namely, the Executive of the United States, saw that the populations of the world were very very awake to the falsehoods being mouthed to justify the proposed mass extermination of a people, in this instance, the Syrians, and, on the conflict likely spreading, it could have become billions of people – that’s with a B. In essence, empowerment for women the world over, and not just in the third world, means access to political information in real time, such that the women know about a developing situation at the same time as do the politicians. That will be how a man made extinction level event such as thermonuclear war can be averted.