This Is Me: Precious Matshaba

SEED Community is largely about human connection. Everyone who participates in our community whether they be a Seed loan recipient, a mentor, a speaker or an accountant plays a vital role in our growth, development and success.

Our community is woven from stories of beauty, sorrow and courage, all of which are poignant reflections of the society in which we live. We would like to feature Precious’ story. Precious has been a SEED loan recipient in South Africa since 2012, and here she writes about her youth, her thoughts, and hopes for the future. She is a true inspiration to us all.

Precious Matshawa
Precious Matshaba

My mom heard about the institute where I am studying on the radio and told me that I should go and see what they have to offer. I wanted to study for this degree because I want to become a social entrepreneur because they solve problems and create solutions that profit the world. I also want to be a world renowned figure who assists women in self development and contributes to the upliftment of their world.

I have been a member of SEED Community since 2012 and it has hugely impacted my life. I am a different person and I have defined my purpose by not just thinking about myself but of others too. I have learned that the definition of success is about how many people you bring along with you; not just the cars, clothes and material effects you see; but the steps that are taken when we serve others along the way.

I believe, to not have a vision or a dream for your life is like trying to live without water. It’s impossible because you will die. You’ll lose hope, self respect and most of all you will lose yourself to yourself. My current vision after I get my degree is to go to Cuba and do my MBA in Social Entrepreneurship and stay for two years and learn as much about the country as I can. I would love to travel the world and see all the perspectives out there. Thereafter, I plan to start my own television production company that shares the African story beyond the poverty, disease, genocides and corruption that is shown. We are smart, talented and ambitious. Our stories contain truth and power, which is more authentic to ourselves than people abroad are aware of. At the end of it all, I have a pipeline dream of writing my own memoirs.

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