Menstrual Health: It’s Your Box, Know What Goes In It

Ladies, truer words have never been spoken. Nor spoken enough. When it comes to periods, the products we use, and the health implications that result from their use, we aren’t talking enough. This is a problem. Period.

All puns aside, the taboo around menstrual health is outrageous. Menstruation is a natural bodily function for many women, and is something that if not managed properly, can have serious health implications. Health issues resulting from improper menstrual management can interfere with a woman or girl’s ability to attend school, go to work, and reproduce. Let’s connect the dots- half of our population is female, and if half of our population isn’t getting educated or contributing to the economy because of poor health, some pretty important things like population growth, economic sustainability, and livelihoods of entire communities are in jeopardy.


The taboo topic and lack of awareness around menstruation, especially in countries like my own (Canada), is simply something that needs to change. Luckily, it’s going to. This is all thanks to a refreshingly empowered, new, women-led company that is not only providing a healthy product for girls and women, but is also opening up the conversation on a topic that is widely ignored.

Delivering organic tampons to your door and sharing taboo-busting period stories is their game, and Your Box Club is their (appropriate and catchy) name. Their slogan, “It’s Your Box, Know What Goes In It” is totally relevant, totally true, and totally something we need to start talking more about.

Co-owner of YBC, Charlotte Burke says,

“These days, people are health conscious- they care about organic food products, so it only makes sense women should think more about what they are putting in their bodies every month in terms of tampons and cups.”

Non-organic cotton tampons contain rayon, pesticides, bleach, and chlorine, and if left in too long, cause serious infection and even Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which can result in death. Aldocarb, Parathion, and Methamidophos are three popular pesticides used in cotton production and three of the most hazardous insecticides to human health as determined by the World Health Organization. WHY are we putting this stuff in our bodies?! Your Box Club’s organic cotton tampons contain NONE of these chemicals, and there have been no reported incidents of TSS as a result of their use. Something to seriously take into consideration.

Something else to seriously take into consideration: YBC sells their organic product in packs of 48 (by the season), and deliver the goods directly to your door. Hello convenience! And the applicators are made from 100% biodegradable cardboard. You’re welcome environment!

Beyond the immediate health benefits (important), environmental benefits (important), and time-saving benefits (very important), the YBC team, like myself, has a serious problem with the lack of conversation and education surrounding menstrual health. Thus, their three core values are to empower, educate, and entertain. Their name and fun packaging is meant to make girls feel like they’re part of a club- like periods aren’t such a terrible thing or something you should hide:

“Periods can empower us.” says co-owner Chris Urquhart.

In an effort to help start the conversation, the women of YBC have established a Your Box Blog, where women share personal experiences of their periods and reproductive health. Charlotte emphasizes,

“One of the most important parts of this company is starting up a conversation on menstrual health and really getting people talking so the issues can come to light and change can occur.”

Chris explains, “Because no one talks about it, periods have become a private, personal experience. This is why people don’t know a lot, and this is a problem for the health and well-being of girls and women. Until we did the research, we didn’t know about all the pesticides contained in non-organic tampons.” The women-led YBC trio use honest marketing to show their consumers why organic is a healthier, safer option, and designer Alex Contini pulls together beautiful layouts to display empowering stories and inspire girls to join the conversation.


“We’re taking back tampons” says Chris.

I for one, think they’re taking back a lot more than tampons. The women of YBC are starting a conversation. They’re conscious of the environmental and health-related impacts of their product, and they are three women under the age of 30 running their own company. A company that will ultimately improve the lives of other women and girls. They’re taking back the world. Period.

Click here for more on Your Box Club and to place an order!

Twitter: @yourboxclub

Photos Courtesy of Your Box Club

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  • I’ve just bought my first pack of organic bio-tampons and I really don’t feel sorry for any extra money I spent on them….Health is only one, let’s support the way of nature…..because when you can’t invest into your health now….you will have to invest much more in couple of years…

  • Okay, 51-year-old guy here, but I do appreciate this post. It’s important, and as a guy I have to say that folks need to just grow up about periods, etc. Our bodies got stuff they need to do. Let’s quit the squirming already. Peace, John