United Nations High Level Luncheon on MDG Progress

CEOs, dignitaries, political figures, and organization representatives attended a high level panel luncheon today at the United Nations. The topics of discussion centered on the progress made thus far in the 2015 MDG agenda. In a comfortable round table format, notable speakers discussed the challenges as well as the way forward in the count down to 2015.

829 Days. #MDGProgress #MDG456Live

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Kathy Calvin, CEO of UN Foundation opens the United Nations high level luncheon on MDG Progress.

Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson #mdgprogress #mdg456live

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No one can do everything but everyone can do something. – UN Deputy Secretary General, Jan Eliasson

Former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufor addresses the high level panel on water and sanitation.

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Water is life and sanitation is dignity. – Former President of Ghana, John Agekum Kufor

Barbara Lee

We must educate the public and have programs and policies to achieve goals. -Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Melinda Gates speaks on the importance of family planning. #mdg456live #mdgprogress

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We are seeing progress in just a short time. The goal is for 120 million new women to have access to family planning. – Melinda Gates

MDG Progress

MDG Progress 2015

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