As The International Day of the Girl approaches and the international community shifts attention to the unique challenges faced by girls around the world, The SEED Community asks: What does it mean to be a girl growing up in South Africa today?

Answers are offered through a documentary film that will follow the SEED girls on an intimate road trip into the rural heartland of Limpopo. It will capture the distinct voices of girls, both urban and rural, as they navigate the realities of their daily lives and share the hopes they have for the future. The film will put faces to the overwhelming statistics that threaten to suffocate the voices of girls in every community of our country.

Over two weeks, the SEED girls will engage with girls from 3 communities in a local to local exchange of knowledge and ideas, raising the issues girls face from an individual and communal perspective. The problems of teenage pregnancies, exposure to violence and the stigma of sexuality will be explored through dialogue, theatre, song, poetry and dance. Through these ‘expression platforms’ we will capture the rich,vibrant musical culture inherent in South Africa as the girls give expression to the realities of their lives.

The documentary film is an extension of our commitment to give girls a platform to share their voices, to share their stories, and to engage a wider audience through these girls’ voices. It is to send a clear message, that yes, there are deep rooted, tough issues that present every day challenges in every community – but if we don’t give girls a voice, if we don’t listen and let their spirits shine, how can these challenges ever be truly overcome?

For it is when we listen that we connect, and it is when we work together we that can bring forth positive change in people’s lives.

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