The Global Slavery Index

The inaugural Global Slavery Index report was released yesterday. The Global Index reveals that there are over 29 million people currently trapped in what is known as modern day slavery. This interactive tool is a breakthrough for those working to end modern day slavery. The Global Slavery Index has been endorsed by Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and Former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard.

This groundbreaking tool, provides a ranking for 162 countries around the world. In measuring the impact of modern day slavery, this report focuses on three elements:

  • Estimated prevalence of modern day slavery by population
  • A measure of child marriage
  • A measure of human trafficking within and across borders

The Global Slavery Index online platform  provides an interactive map which with one click reveals the estimated number of people enslaved, the country’s index rank and general country information. The report does not specifically break down the numbers related to gender but it does highlight specific issues pertaining to each country. The map alone reveals that Mauritania, Haiti, Pakistan, India and Nepal have some of the highest prevalent rates of modern day slavery. Early marriage is cited as a form of bondage among young girls in Pakistan, which ranks 3rd on the report list.

These practices are methods of settling blood feuds between clans by forcing a young girl to  marry a man from the enemy clan. Attributable to this, there are high rates of forced marriage of women and girls.

The Global Slavery Index is part of a global movement spurred on by the Walk Free Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to mobilize governments, individuals and citizens around the world to invest in solutions of prevention, protection and prosecution.

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For additional information also check out the following supporting organizations:
International Justice Mission
Not for Sale
Free the Slaves 


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