Students at Georgia Tech Speak Out for Gender Equality

Tuesday evening, I had the incredible opportunity to speak at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. In the United States, Georgia Tech is one of the top research universities and is dedicated to improving the lives of others through science and technology. Representing Girls’ Globe, I spoke to the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance campus group.

As we discussed issues that affect women and girls worldwide, I tested the students knowledge utilizing Mentimeter, an online tool that allows users to see survey results in real-time.

Students @georgiatech "weigh in" utilizing @Mentimeter on how issues affect women and girls worldwide.

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I was inspired by the students’ participation and passion as they discussed international issues such as child marriage and human trafficking. Students devised solutions based on the need for a greater awareness concerning girls’ rights, education and stricter laws and policies for those who seek to exploit women and girls.

Students @georgiatech put their ideas and solutions on paper about how to #endchildmarriage

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The students’  thoughts and ideas grew as they identified ways to inspire other students and faculty members to promote gender equality and empower women on their campus. As the student body ratio is  67% male and 33% female, situations of inequality often arise. In the classroom, many female students feel that there is not an equal opportunity for them to share their ideas and answer questions. The students present at our discussion, both women and men, are taking a stand to bring greater empowerment for women on Georgia Tech’s campus. During the discussion, students  developed ideas to provide campus-wide gender equality awareness. Through this project, gender-equality related materials will be available via their campus Intranet system. Additionally, several students plan on discussing the idea further and moving forward to create a greater awareness on campus.

Students at Georgia Tech brainstorm about solutions to issues related to development for women and girls.

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Who can change the world?

We are inspired by @georgiatech students and their ideas on how to empower women and girls!

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Students at Georgia Tech ARE creating change and will continue to keep the conversation going to inspire others!

How can students be involved in empowering women and girls?

Jordan Garth, President of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance explains her thoughts:

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Diane Fender

Diane is a Global Traveler, Writer, Anthropologist and Vice President of Girls' Globe whose work has taken her throughout East Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, and India. She is passionate about empowering indigenous women led movements to create change for communities around the world.

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  • So inspiring to see students getting so actively involved! Raising awareness is such an important first step. Can’t wait to hear more about the work at Georgia Tech!

  • Diane Fender

    Julia- Thank you for your comment! I absolutely agree! Awareness is a crucial and important first step. It is inspirational to see students making steps to create change for women and girls!