Backbone Fest: Let’s Celebrate Artists!

Backbone Festival is a two day cultural festival that highlights talented women from across the southeast region of the United States. On November 1st and 2nd, both men and women celebrated local artists at the festival’s inaugural weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. Jessi Ford and Christina Edwards, Co-Founders of Birds of a Feather Creative, are behind the vision for Backbone Fest.

At the festival, women embraced and celebrated their artistry through speaking, poetry, singing and comedic performances. As I spoke with artists at the festival, they emphasized the importance of standing strong and true to yourself in the media and music industries.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to some of these women and I hope that they inspire you with their words and their talent.

Lace Larrabee, Comedian

Lace Larrabee is pursuing her dream of being a stand-up comedian. Her comedic wit and candid humor keep you laughing for hours. As a young child, Lace found humor as a fun and easy way to make friends. Lace encourages women in media and comedy to pursue their dreams and challenges them to not be intimidated in a field that is largely dominated by men.

Christina Lee, Media Journalist

Christina Lee is a media journalist in Atlanta. In a world where sexism and inequality is the norm, Lee describes the challenges she faces as a woman covering the rap music industry. She encourages journalists not to be silent but to empower each other as fearless leaders in the industry. Christina’s inspiration stems from other female journalists and editors in the music industry.

Megan Jean, Music Artist

I utilize music to promote women’s rights because music is subversive. People dance to it and before they realize it they have received a powerful message.” ~ Megan Jean

Megan is a talented artist and an inspiring woman who believes that all good music should touch people and inspire others into action. Her music and lyrics reflect her own struggles and challenges. Megan’s song Red Red was inspired by her passion to advocate for Native American women who have been victims of rape or sexual assault. Megan believes music is a powerful tool for healing and connecting people to real issues. 

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