Views on Full Access to Family Planning

Alice, USA

“Full Access is knowing where to go to get the contraceptive and orientation you want when you want it in a way that speaks to you.”

Divye Kumari, India

“Full Access is to achieve all methods of contraceptive by all. Have all means poor and non-poor.”

Kefelegn Kurie, Ethiopia

“Full Access is access to information and service, affordability of service, and access to many options at clinics.”

Tigist Girma, Ethiopia

“Full Access is having the full right to use any kind of contraceptive.”

Dr. Namahawwa Madugu, Nigeria

“Full Access means breaking barriers to contraception!”

#FullAccess means breaking barriers to contraception! ~ Dr. Namahawwa Madugu, Nigeria #icfplive

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Jill Sheffield, Women Deliver

“Full Access is full method mix always available and easy accessibility.”

#FullAccess is full method mix always available & easy accessibility. @JillSheffield @WomenDeliver #icfplive

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Cover Photo Courtesy: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 

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