19-year old Moti Kala was diagnosed with placenta previa during her fourth antenatal check up at Bayalpata Hospital. The hospital, in Achham, Far Western Nepal, is run by Nyaya Health in partnership with the Nepal Ministry of Health and Population, serving a population of 250,000 people. Until recently, this diagnosis would have meant the Nyaya Health team would refer Moti Kala to a different facility hours away, because of a lack of surgical capacity. But thanks to some exciting progress, Bayalpata Hospital was able to open the doors of its surgical unit to Moti Kala after she spent hours making the trek from her home to our hospital on foot, and successfully performing its first ever c-section delivery.

Credit: Nyaya Health
Credit: Nyaya Health

Moti Kala is only one of the many women in Achham who do not have access to the myriad of prenatal, neonatal, and maternal health care services readily available in the US. The infant mortality rate in Achham has always been very high due to this shortage, ranking within the 6th highest maternal mortality ratios globally. Since the reopening of Bayalpata Hospital in 2008, it had been one of our goals to lift the dismal maternal and infant mortality rates in the region. By providing dignified and quality maternal care to pregnant women and new mothers we also strive to improve the maternal mortality rate. To accomplish this, we have put into action a variety of programs and partnerships.

Credit: Nyaya Health
Credit: Nyaya Health

Our efforts to improve the overall quality of healthcare services available to both expecting and new mothers and their children have culminated in the successful c-section delivery of Moti Kala’s newborn baby boy. Our Chief Executive Officer, Mark Arnoldy, was appropriately optimistic about this accomplishment as he said, “This may seem like a somewhat minor benchmark in the grand scheme of our history and growth, but it has been years in the making and represents a significant shift forward in our collective ability to imagine a higher degree of care than has ever before existed on-site.” Since July 2013, the Nyaya Health team at Bayalpata Hospital has successfully delivered four babies via c-section, re imagining what is possible for rural communities globally.

First C-Section at Nyaya Health!
First C-Section at Nyaya Health!

Read more about Nyaya Health.

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