Crowdfund Health: Transforming Women’s Lives

Nyaya Health is honored to announce the launch of our first ever global campaign: Crowdfund Health.

I wish this could be on the front page of the internet,” – Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit


Where Nyaya Health works in Nepal, women face a 200-fold higher risk of death during birth versus U.S. women. This can be changed by providing women with safe-births, each costing only $349. And now, with the launch of people from all over the world are directly funding life-changing care for as little as $10.

In partnership with the crowdfunding organization, Nyaya Health connects expecting mothers directly to people who invest in their antenatal & delivery care. Nyaya Health finds women who are in need of a safe birth, and with their permission tells their story online. People anywhere in the world can fund their care, and Nyaya Health does whatever it takes to provide a safe delivery for a mother and her child.

I met Nyaya Health’s crowdfunding patients in Nepal. This model is working. And that’s no small success.” -Paul Farmer, Co-Founder of Partners in Health


But crowdfunding doesn’t merely allow mothers to access safe births. It is unique in its ability to create a new form of human connection.

It is this connection that Nyaya Health captures in Nyaya Health treats women who are largely invisible to the world. But the crowdfunding program connects these women with a global audience, giving them a space to tell their stories. Working with Robert Fogarty of Dear World, we photographed our patients with their “Dear World” message, and are sharing this image with everyday people who now have the ability to invest in our patients’ healthcare through crowdfunding.


While you can support online, Nyaya Health is also hitting the streets. With support from Sappi Ideas that Matter 2013, we have plastered New York City subway stations with posters telling patient stories. And people all across the country are sharing patient stories through 75,000 postcards, each telling the story of a patient the Nyaya Health serves. This campaign is the best that a globalized world can offer, giving the women of Achham a voice that will directly reach a global community.

If you see these posters or postcards, take a picture and share them on Facebook or Twitter, with #crowdfundhealth.

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