2013 has been an incredible year for Girls’ Globe! Our blog and our organization has grown rapidly thanks in part to our incredibly talented bloggers, inspiring featured organizations and most of all, you. We have continued to expand our coverage of issues facing women and girls each day. Looking back over the last year, we have been able to reach many individuals all over the world. We have raised awareness about many global events and issues including (but not limited to) maternal health, gender equality, food security, and human rights.

Together, with your support, we will continue to pave a path towards women and girls’ empowerment throughout the new year.

We have readers in almost every country worldwide.

We have over 5,000 followers on Twitter, an increase of over 4,000 followers since January. We have a growing number of followers on Facebook and for our newsletter.

We now have bloggers representing Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia!

Top Moments of 2013

  1. In May, we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Women Deliver Conference in Malaysia. There, we met with some inspiring people and organizations; worked alongside FHI360 and Women Deliver to provide the conference’s official media coverage; and listened to incredible and inspiring panels concerning women’s rights. Read all of our posts on the conference here. Not only was this an amazing conference, it was also an opportunity for seven of our bloggers to meet for the very first time!

  2. One follower took action at her local  store after reading a post by blogger Emma Saloranta, Violence Against Women Is Not A Joke. This woman and her friend approached the store owner and the store is no longer selling the “Ex-girlfriend” target doll.Violence against women is never acceptable. It is not a joke.

  3. We attended the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Week in New York City, in September. Highlights included presenting on Ninth Avenue and being interviewed by Chrysula Winegar, an activist for mothers worldwide. Check out our summary on Storify and the hashtag #MDG456Live for a live report of the events.

  4. In November, the Girls’ Globe team traveled to Ethiopia for the International Family Planning Conference (ICFP). During our time in Addis Ababa, we met a youth advocate from Uganda and learned of her commitment to family planning initiatives, discussed FP2020, and more. Read posts from the conference here and check out the #ICFPLive hashtag.

  5. At ICFP in Ethiopia, Julia Wiklander, Founder of Girls’ Globe facilitated the Family Planning +SocialGood event, and members of the Girls’ Globe team participated in the panel on the intersection and role of traditional and new media in creating positive social change. The discussion ranged from the role of mobile technology in improving sexual and reproductive health services, to the importance of engaging youth and holding leaders accountable. Watch the full event!

  6. We hosted a Twitter chat with WaterAid for Giving Tuesday, December 3rd (after Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Checkout hashtag #water4girls.

“Safe water not only safeguards the health of the world’s poorest women and girls, but also empowers them with the equally precious gift of time.”

Top 5 posts

  1. Anti-Rape Underwear in India, condoms with teeth in South Africa – protecting women and girls, but at what cost? – by Emma Saloranta

  2. Prostitution in Sweden – Part 1 Modern Slavery – by Mari Wiklander

  3. On Skinny-Shaming: Not all real women have curves! – by Jasmine Bala

  4. Cyber Bullying of Rape Victims – Modern Day Version of Stoning – by Emma Saloranta

  5. Violence Against Women is Not a Joke – by Emma Saloranta


We have worked with some incredible organizations this year to focus on grassroots efforts to educate the world about issues facing women and girls around the world. Just to name a few…

Change the World

And most importantly, it has been a year full of victory for women and girls around the world. Check out the 28 most iconic feminist moments of 2013 (more specific to USA) and Year in Review 2013: Moments in Saudi women’s rights. Some of the top events include:

  • International Outrage After Gang Rape in India Sparked Historic Change in Laws

  • For the first time in history, 30 Saudi women appointed to the Shura Council

  • Malala Yousafzai Made a Groundbreaking Speech at the United Nations

  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and post-2015 framework create renewed efforts for women’s empowerment

We are looking forward to 2014 with new goals, new projects, and many new partnerships!

Please help us as we continue to raise awareness about the issues facing women and girls around the world by tweeting, sharing, and talking about Girls’ Globe.

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