Yes, Social Media Changes Lives

Social media is changing the way we live our lives today. It is influencing all aspects of our every-day life, from communicating with friends, family and colleagues across the world, to sparking global conversations with people you’ve never met. It is also changing the way we behave and interact in “real-life” (for better or for worse), as our mobile phones and various devices are constantly on and connected with the world. Social media is also influencing long-term aspects of our life, including relationships, career choices and even global development.

Social media has made it possible for me to work from anywhere it the world. Yes, I am participating in a Twitter chat in the picture below!

When I speak about connectivity, social media and development, many people react and say, “but hey, only the wealthiest in the world are connected, and how can we then have an impact on sustainable development if we can’t reach everyone?”

That is true, to a certain extent, as not everyone is connected on Facebook or Twitter and certainly not the world’s “bottom billion”. But, that said, connectivity is growing and it is global.

Take a look at this map that shows the amount of tweets around the world in the past 6 hours (click to see the figure in real time). Today, the whole world is tweeting millions of tweets and interacting in a way that wasn’t even possible a few years ago.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.48.13 PM

Not only are people connecting globally, access to technology and mobile phones especially is accelerating progress in low-income countries in innovative ways. Mobile devices are, for example, improving access to health-care services and increasing easy access to finance.

Then again, how many people in Africa have access to a mobile phone?

This video from Praekelt Foundation answers your question.

So, connectivity is growing and becoming an important part of people’s lives across the globe. Thus, social media is an increasingly important tool to improve access to information and accelerate progress in the realm of women’s and girls’ rights and health.

By connecting activists and organizations for social good, we can increase efficiency and scale up development in a way we’ve never seen before. Young people are not only the future, they are the present, and so many young people are driving change in their communities using new technology. If we can connect with them, we are able to connect with the people they serve and be inspired by the change they are creating.

At Girls’ Globe, we want to empower and connect bloggers and organizations working to strengthen the rights and health of women and girls. By connecting organizations to our platform, we enhance their voice in an effort to advocate for the women and girls they empower. These organizations, big and small, do tremendous work in their various fields, and we want to support them through listening to them, hearing them and working for them.

There are many ways social media has changed my life. It has enabled me to connect with passionate individuals around the globe, access information first-hand and connect with global leaders in a way that was previously not possible. Social media is changing the hierarchy of the world and enabling young people to not only have a place at the table, but be leaders in their own right.

We are at the #AfricanUnion & feel so inspired by our new friends at #icfp2013!

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Thanks to social media, we can connect, we can discuss and together we can take action for women and girls around the world.

How has social media changed your life? Share your experience with us @girlsglobe.

Today, Girls’ Globe is co-hosting a Twitter chat on MDG 6 with World Mom Blogs and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Use #Moms4MDGs to join.

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