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Category: Politics
Tagged with: Civic Engagement    Gender Equality    Gender equality in polictics    Helen Clark    Kenya    Political representation    politics    Women in Politics

Naomi Mwaura

I am a young Kenyan feminist who believes that the feminism movement still serves the crucial role in advocating for the equal economic, political and social rights for women. I do not wish women to have power over men, but over themselves and this can be achieved through social and economic empowerment.

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  • Thanks for this brillant post which shows remarkable progress by the women in Kenya and yet the tremendous job which still needs to be done.

    I work for a recently created foundation called the Women In Parliament Global Forum and we recently held a landmark first of its kind summit at the European Parliament and over 400 Women parliamentarians attended. Africa as a continent, had roughly 40% representation and the kenyan delegation was made of up 6 brave women.

    There is so much to do, yet so much has been done and the women are all the more determined not to give up and to fight to get more women join then as MPs and to push for and vote laws in all equality and equity.

    • Dear Marie, Thanks for your encouraging words! It would be very very interesting to hear more about Women in Parliaments Global Forum, and perhaps look into how we can work together to promote gender equality in politics. Perhaps WIP Global Forum would be interested in joining us as a featured organization? http://girlsglobe.org/featured-organizations/
      Would you be available for a Skype call sometime in february? My email is julia@girlsglobe.org.
      Warm regards,