Gender Based Violence

India: Forced Labor and Trafficking

India doors

In India, behind closed doors, there are little girls who experience violence every day. They are given little nutrition, kept out of school and forced to work with little or no wage. They are abused and exploited on a daily basis. Girls are taken from their families, villages and communities. Most are never heard from again or are simply forgotten. I have sat with some of these girls.

I have heard their stories.

In some parts of India, girls are born into brothels and “bred” for a life of abuse and exploitation. The demand for domestic labor and illicit sex is on the rise. Poverty, son preference and India’s caste system are all contributing factors to a young girl’s vulnerability to being sold into sex slavery or coerced into domestic servitude. According to the 2013 Global Slavery Index, India has one of the highest number of slaves in the world. These stories of everyday violence are often untold. At Girls’ Globe, we understand  these are not just women’s issues. They are global injustice issues.

india floor
There is true beauty when a girl’s life is changed.

I believe there is hope.

Throughout my travels across India, I am  inspired by women and girls who are creating change in their communities. They are fighting on the front lines with zeal and determination. Women and girls at the grassroots level are bringing healing, restoration and freedom to those enslaved. I will continue to encourage, support and champion their efforts.

This is my mission to help fight everyday violence.

When I look into the faces of girls who have been abused and abandoned, I see change-makers.There are so many ways to create change and join the fight to combat violence against women. When I think about Girls’ Globe and the online community, I think about the thousands of you who ARE change agents.

What is your mission to fight everyday VAW? #locusteffect #everydayviolence

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Join the Twitter chat hosted today, Friday, February 7, 1-2pm EST by Girls’ Globe and International Justice Mission on everyday violence against women. Use #LocustEffect and #EverydayVAW.

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Diane Fender

Diane is a Global Traveler, Writer, Anthropologist and Vice President of Girls' Globe whose work has taken her throughout East Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, and India. She is passionate about empowering indigenous women led movements to create change for communities around the world.

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  • Thanks for this report. Not fun, but I need to know about it. Peace and good wishes, John

  • Hello Everyone. Thank You for Your works, We All have to continue this conversation until We END sexual violence. Life in India is horrific. Every world government must do everything to END sexual exploitation in India. Women’s Rights are supreme Rights on earth. Everyone are governed by Women’s Rights. We are All a part to Women’s Rights. Feminism is world’s greatest study. Lets all be Feminists, work for Women’s Rights Women’s Leadership and Women’s Empowerment. Women’s Rights are a greatest privilege to work for, this is a lifestyle that requires Women’s Leadership and Everyone to work for Women in every demanded manner. I thank all Women for all the inspiring families, lifestyles, works and Their natural Leadership – You’re the greatest!

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  • Diane Fender

    Thank you for your comments. This is a definite issue but there are so many courageous people addressing it around the world.

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