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This is the third in a series of posts written by the SEED community chronicling their journey into the rural heartland of Limpopo, South Africa with 25 girls who are a part of the SEED program. The trip was a part of the urban/rural exchange filmed to capture the voice of young women of South Africa. The journey was documented through journal entries by SEED staff and each Friday for 5 weeks Girls’ Globe is publishing a new entry. 

Day 5

Photo Courtesy of the SEED Community
Photo Courtesy of the SEED Community

Show time! Amidst the ululating of the community we find ourselves prostrate on the floor in honour to the chief. The performances are extraordinary. Song and dance are a platform for African women to share her voice. Their power captivates and intoxicates one’s senses. Dressed in traditional venda dress, their feet pound the earth, their voices carrying the melody of the untold stories that lie within. The issues of teenage pregnancies, rape, education and substance abuse are brought to life through short plays, poems and songs created and performed by each group. They do not hold back giving a raw portrayal of how these issues affect them. As the show draws to a close, the heavens open and once more we are offered the blessing of rain.

We have all felt a strong bond to this community. We have been embraced by their warmth, honesty, trust and enthusiasm. It has been an intense 4 days and there is a collective feeling that we have planted the seeds for strong friendships. Everyone has given a 110% and with a certain sadness we board the buses to head south.

With a late departure our arrival into Leyden was delayed. The lush vegetation of the north has given way to flat grassy plains broken by rocky mountains. We arrived long after night fall, everyone hungry, exhausted and in need of a good nights sleep. We are met by some local girls who had been practicing a dance they wanted to perform for us. They all seem to speak English and we are hopeful the next days are going to be a lot of fun. We dropped the girls to their host families and agreed to meet first thing in the morning.

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