When I think about the women who inspire me many faces and names come to mind. I value the opportunities I have had to work alongside some of the greatest change makers around the world. These women embody humility, love deeply and dare greatly to bring change to their communities and the world.  It is a privilege to serve and learn from them.

This month, as we continue to highlight Women Who Inspire I cannot help but think about Dr. Grace. I first met Dr. Grace while in Indonesia last June. Since that time I have had several opportunities to serve and learn alongside her. One of the first things I noticed about Grace was her determination and heart to bring healthcare to the most vulnerable. This is a woman who is creating far reaching change both among her colleagues and those to whom she provides care.


When I met Grace she was serving by providing medical assessments to women and girls who had been trafficked into forced prostitution.  Dr. Grace has provided reproductive health training and awareness for women and girls who have been rescued out of forced prostitution.  She has offered medical care and counseling to these vulnerable groups of women and girls.  I know that many women and girls’ lives have been changed because of Grace’s commitment to their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

She is determined. Bold. Strong. Courageous.

Grace also has a heart for rural communities in Indonesia. This energetic woman cares for women, children and communities living in rural areas. Illiteracy, child marriage, and chronic diseases are some of the issues that communities face in the regions where Grace works. Alongside a team of people, Grace has traveled to rural areas to educate people on healthy living and the importance of proper nutrition.  She dedicates a portion of her time to teach mothers how to cook healthy meals for their children. Grace provides maternal health care and checkups to mothers and their babies.

“The women in this community are super women.” -Dr. Grace

Grace sees potential in each of the women and children that she meets. She has facilitated dialogues among community members in order to help them identify their own problems as well as their resources to meet the needs in their community. As a result, change and healthcare practices become sustainable.

Grace continues to inspire me with her heart and diligence to bring hope and healthcare to some of the most remote places in Indonesia. It is women like Dr. Grace that inspire, motivate and challenge me in my work to empower women and girls around the world. I am privileged to have worked with Grace and to call her a friend.

She is truly inspiring!

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful comment! I believe raising awareness is an essential percursor to action. There are so many women around the world who are fighting against these issues and whose stories need to be highlighted.

  2. Beautiful article, raising awareness and inspiring people to do something about the plight of human trafficking, forced prostitution and modern day slavery. Heart-felt x

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