October 2014

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Women and Girls at the Center of Policy Change

Teresia Otieno, from Kenya, was 26 years old when she was forcibly sterilized. Health workers decided for her that because she was living with HIV, her right to freely decide the number and spacing of her children did not matter.  Therefore it should be taken

Why you should care about GamerGate

And what it means for global violence against girls and women. Last week, actress and gamer Felicia Day posted an entry on her blog – “Crossing the Street” –to share her concerns that an online gaming campaign has made her fearful to engage with a culture

Challenging the Status Quo in Tanzania: Accessible Healthcare

Blog post by Erwin Telemans CEO, CCBRT For women in Tanzania, accessing quality, maternal healthcare services is difficult. Affording the journey to a hospital, and paying for treatment, is impossible for many women. Poverty contributes to an elevated risk of acquiring a disability or injury during

The difference between cotton and lace

A 12 year old Norwegian girl, Thea, started a blog. She wrote about horses, music and friends. She took selfies with stuffed animals. Her dream was to be a veterinarian. Thea also posted a picture of herself with her 37 year old fiancé, Geir. He

Efua Dorkenoo: The Woman Who Never Stopped

I remember the first time I heard about the legendary Efua Dorkenoo. It was 2007 and I was 9 years old, sitting in my back garden in Lagos, Nigeria, clutching my copy of her book “Cutting the Rose: Female Genital Mutilation, The Practice and its

The Necessity of a Gendered Approach to HIV/AIDS

Written By: Marie-Claire Klassen  Malilapa Mate says that if you had seen her five months ago, she wouldn’t be the vivacious, smiling young mother she is today. When the twenty-one year old became pregnant two years ago, there was a problem—she had no husband. Without

Malawi: Putting the Men into MENstruation

Written by Niki Fitzgerald Before the Irise menstrual hygiene (MH) education team left for Malawi, we underwent some training with Theatre for a Change (TfaC) on their innovative and highly interactive teaching methodology. As part of this preparation process our facilitator measured our confidence in

A Superhero for Every Child

Save the Children and BAFTA award-winning film makers Don’t Panic unveiled a powerful short film to help raise global awareness of the millions of children struggling to survive in some of the poorest and most disadvantaged communities on the planet. A staggering 17,000 children under-five

Looking Out for Little Sisters

I didn’t know the right age for school. When I was a little girl, all my friends were in school but I was not. So I used to ask my father, ‘when can I go to school?’ He always replied, ‘next year.’ I used to

Girls Are Everyday Heroes

Originally published on The Huffington Post. When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a super hero. In my imagination, I would fly to remote places and use my strength to help other people. One of my favorite “super powers” was being invisible,

The Menstrual Hygiene Taboo: A Vicious Cycle of Silence

Written by Dr. Emily Wilson-Smith, Chair at Irise International Although half the global population has menstruated since the beginning of time, it has been a taboo topic in cultures across the world for almost as long. The word ‘taboo’ itself may even originate from a

Why does menstruation matter?

Written by Ola Perczynska, Her Turn Program Manager, and Danielle Preiss, Her Turn Social Media Coordinator We used to call menstruating girls and women ‘untouchable,’” Sita, 12, told us after participating in a Her Turn workshop. In her community in rural Nepal, women and girls are traditionally

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