October 2014

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The Hidden Price of a Girl’s Education

Fifteen year old Aye Sander lives in the Buddhist nunnery, Chanthar Aung Nunnery School, in the poor outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar.  An avid reader, she is receiving a quality education.  Unlike girls her age attending government schools which teach rote memorization, Aye Sander is learning

Gender Equality: Are we nearly there yet?

Written by Caroline Plenty Did you know the highest female representation in government is 56 percent and in the UK only 22.5 percent of MPs are women? The only country with more women than men in government (56 percent) is Rwanda? Or in Kenya teenage

Triumph in the Face of Adversity: Padma’s Story

My name is Padma. I’m 21 years old and live in a small village in Pali District, Rajasthan, India. My journey till now, even during these young years, has been filled with harsh realities – things I never expected could happen to me. When I

When eating evokes a revolution

  One breezy day I sat with a group of 15 women in Ethiopia. Hugged by blue skies and green grass, to an outsider our circle conversation seemed more like a picnic than a session on how to mitigate domestic violence. Each one of these

First Responders

Women’s Organizations Fighting Against Gender-Based Violence in Iraq Iraq is opening a new chapter of violence and instability with women and girls pitched in the middle of this defining battle for its future. In the Islamic State’s (ISIL) extremist ideology they represent symbolic chattel to

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