Periods Change Lives: Broken Dreams

An Original Poem Written by Akello Charlotte – Makere University


s a young girl
My dream was to study hard
Get a bright future
Grow into a big girl.

I worked hard in school
Nothing seemed to deter me
The future seemed so bright.

Great job
Great house
Great car
And of course children.

It wasn’t until one day,
Seated in class
I find blood on my cloth
I rush to the toilet.
No water to clean myself.

I use papers to try and stop the blood
I can’t go back to class
The blood is so scary
Could it be that am sick?
Or a bad omen?
Or a disease?
Am caught up in a dilemma?

No one cares
Everyone runs away from me
Laughing at me
No one to hold my hand.

I rush home
Too confused to tell anyone
Mother suggests I stay home
It seems the best to do
I suffer in silence.

So I use rugs
The pain is much
I stay in bed
Am I cursed?

I miss school
I miss tests
I miss the explanations
And my promotional exams.

So I am told to repeat the class
Holding me down
Too many giggles and mockery from students
I miss more classes each month
More tests
And a chance to a bright future.

The love for school vanishes slowly
With each class I miss
With each lesson I miss
My future seems amiss

I leave school
I can’t stand it anymore
It’s hard to catch up each time
Always hard to sit again in class.

I suffer my broken future
Dreams that vanished overnight
I wish I had an option
I wish someone could help.

I am not alone
Many girls suffer in silence
Suffer because they are not told
Because they have nothing to use.

Many futures are flushed down the drain
Each coming day
Many girls are suffering
No one seems to care.

They have no option
But to quit school
Too many tests missed
Can’t always be caught up on.

We need to be told
We need a solution
Our dreams can’t just go down the drain.

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