Menstrual Health: There’s an App for That

Women’s options for birth control have become increasingly more diverse since it’s creation.  NaturalCycles, a Swedish company, is capitalizing on this momentum and providing women a revolutionary contraception option: the smartphone.

NaturalCycles’ mobile app uses an algorithm based on a woman’s daily body temperature to determine her fertility level. There are no surgical procedures, daily pills or chemicals. Instead, the app user is getting to know her body and its natural cycles and can make educated decisions based on the data provided.

The only requirement is for the woman to take her temperature each morning and based on this data, the app uses a calendar to mark the days that a woman is most fertile.  She can then make an educated sexual decision based on her fertility and desire to conceive.  This calendar empowers women to understand their bodies without the continued cost, burden and side effects of hormonal contraception.

To support the technology, NaturalCycles is also contributing to general sexual education with this strong resource for information about the menstrual cycle, irregular cycles, fertility indicators and the science behind the app’s technology.  Regardless of whether a woman is interested in switching her contraceptive method, the articles and blogs serve as a place for women (and men) to have a greater understanding of female reproductive health.


September 26 is World Contraception Day and NaturalCycles is launching their #LifeChangingOptions campaign to raise awareness on contraceptive options and encourage educated decisions. For every use of the #LifeChangingOptions hashtag, NaturalCycles will donate funds to support the work of Kvinna till Kvinna to ensure that all women and girls have the ability and right to take control over their own bodies and reproductive decisions! 

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