Girl Power: 2015 International Day of the Girl

October 11th, International Day of the Girl, is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all the girls you know.  Tell them how strong they are.  Tell them how important and powerful they are.  Tell them they can do anything they choose.  Tell them how important their education is for their future.  Celebrate all the girls!

Empower Girls

Education empowers girls. When we invest in girls, we create a healthier, more prosperous future for everyone. Girls’ education bolsters their dignity, saves mother’s and children’s lives, and improves the socio-economic status of the entire world!

At this very moment, there are 600 million adolescent girls around the world. That’s 600 million opportunities to improve human rights, spur economic growth, and improve the social development of families, communities, and countries for decades to come. Let’s empower girls!

Photo Credit: Melody Mociulski
Photo Credit: Melody Mociulski

Mobilize Girls

Today’s adolescent girls are the next generation of leaders in the world.

We know that technology creates endless opportunities.  Cell phone technology is now reaching even the most remote parts of the world.  Yet, there’s a gender gap as girls still have far less access to cell technology than boys.  Changing that paradigm is critical to girl’s empowerment and employment.

Let’s create more opportunities for girls to apply their intelligence and skills to create tangible impacts for them and the world.  Let’s mobilize girl power!

Sing and dance with the girls in your life to “17” by Devon Elizabeth.


To take immediate action:

  • Join Girls Globe conversation on Twitter @GirlsGlobe
  • Become a champion for girls’ and women’s rights.
  • Donate to Educational Empowerment at donate.
  • Let your voices be heard for girls worldwide!

Educational Empowerment was created by women and for women and girls. EE promotes literacy and education for children, families and communities severely affected by poverty and injustice in Myanmar. By empowering women and girls through education, we position women in Myanmar to attain their equal rights.

Please visit us at & follow us on Facebook at EE, Twitter @EEmpower, and on Instagram.

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Educational Empowerment


Our mission is to empower women and girls in Myanmar, with a vision of improving socio-economic well being and creating gender parity. By partnering with local community organizations, Educational Empowerment accomplishes our mission through the publication of books, development of schools and libraries, and provision of microfinance loans to enable women to become self-sufficient and their daughters to complete their education.

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