Gender Based Violence

What’s Missing In the News

This past year, so much has happened in our world. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced due to wars and conflict. In the United States, the news is dominated by interesting political debates and the increase in mass violence. After a quick scan through news feeds, it’s difficult not to feel jaded. Thankfully, globally, we have seen some positive stories of change, specifically for women and girls. We’ve seen strides to combat child marriage, movements in Gambia to make FGM/C illegal and the one-child policy in China repealed.

While these are incredible strides for women, girls and communities when reviewing your latest news feed do you ever wonder,  “Is there something missing?” Everyday, I pour over articles and blog posts and think, “What are the stories I am not hearing about?” What stories are being underreported or simply not talked about? This year, I want to highlight topics related to women and girls that often get lost or aren’t included as frequently as other stories in the headlines and mainstream news.

So what’s missing from the news, this month?

Human Trafficking Awareness

Wherever there is movement of people, war, conflict and economic distress there are individuals, mainly women and young girls who risks of being trafficked and sold into slavery. Sex trafficking  along with forced labor are two of the most common forms of trafficking affecting millions of young women and girls each year. The month of January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. While much is being done to raise awareness and combat this issue, I have not seen it mentioned this month in mainstream media news headlines. Let’s not allow this issue to become a forgotten topic or something trendy that fades. This is a real issue that effects countless young women and girls every single day. To shine a light on slavery check out the End It Movement or watch The True Cost film.

Funding Bill provides needed increase for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault programs in the United States

One in three women have been victims of some form of physical violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime. ONE in THREE. These are our sisters, friends, mothers, and neighbors. One in fifteen children experience family violence every year. A new funding bill, addressing domestic violence and sexual assault was recently passed in the United States. This bill brings much rejoicing to those who are advocates for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The bill specifically provides 15 million dollars in funding to support women and their children seeking safety at crisis shelters. With this level of funding, more services can be offered and crisis shelters supported.

What issues or inspiring stories do you think are missing from the news?

Share your suggestions with us in the comments or on Twitter!

Cover Photo Credit: Got Credit, Flickr Creative Commons

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Diane Fender

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