Maternal and Child Health

Improving the Lives of Mothers and Babies in Tanzania

How much do you know about the availability and quality of maternal health care in Tanzania? This is your opportunity to learn more – and to share what you’ve learned with others! By increasing awareness about the issue of maternal and newborn health we can bring more attention – and, hopefully more resources – to this incredibly important issue.

Girls’ Globe continues our Google+ Hangout series focused on learning more about how individuals and organizations are working to improve the lives of women and children around the world. In Tanzania, a lack of quality and available care, shortage of trained health care professional and insufficient resources, including facilities and equipment, results in inadequate pre- and postnatal care for expectant mothers. Currently, there are only 4-7 trained health workers or medical professionals to every 10,000 women in Tanzania. Too often, women and their families simply don’t have the option to give birth in a safe environment.

Yesterday, we “sat down” with Abbey Kocan, the Executive Director of Kupona Foundation and Dr. Brenda M’bello from CCBRT to have a real and honest conversation about the risks mothers and babies face in Tanzania. Both women shared about their own birth experiences and how quality care differs drastically from the United States to Tanzania. The Kupona Foundation is supporting the work of CCBRT to create greater access to trained health workers and work in conjunction with the local government and communities to provide quality healthcare options for expectant mothers.

Did you miss the conversation? Check out the video on Youtube.

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