Our first blog post here at Girls’ Globe calls for a proper presentation of us and our work!

The Girl Child Platform (Flickaplattformen in Swedish) is a meeting point for all organizations and initiatives working to improve and strengthen the position of young girls in society. We are located in Sweden, which is also where we work to help create an equal society for all. Our vision is freedom from power relations around gender and age that restrict and discriminate girls and young women today. Together we can make a greater difference and create change to achieve a society free of oppression and discrimination.

The Girl Child Platform aims to create a long-term and sustainable cooperation between all of these stakeholders, in order to raise issues of girls’ rights on the Swedish political agenda. The Girl Child Platform currently has 32 different members who are working with these issues in different ways in Sweden.

We, at The Girl Child Platform, work with a girl perspective, which refers to the recognition that people who identify as girls have limited opportunities to live a life free from discrimination and oppression, and the conviction that this should change. Too often when issues regarding girls are being discussed, girls themselves are not even asked of their opinion or included as part of the discussion. As a girl child, it is not your responsibility to change these issues, you are after all a child. That is where we at the Girl Child Platform come in. By collecting girls’ own stories about what it’s like to be a girl, we have the opportunity to raise their voices about what is important to girls and what is bothering girls – for politicians, other decision makers and the public to listen! It’s obvious really. To change the structures in society that oppress young girls and to change girls’ position in society, we must include girls themselves!

The causes of discrimination and oppression bottoms in society’s power structures. Although discrimination and oppression take different forms, it’s similar structures that are the cause of different forms of oppression worldwide. At The Girl Child Platform, we want to strengthen the status of girls so that all girls have the opportunity to live a life free from discrimination and oppression. We want Sweden, and the world, to become more inclusive and equal to everyone regardless of sex, gender identity or gender expression, functional capacity, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economics and / or age – for all to have the same status, rights, obligations and opportunities.

Learn more about The Girl Child Platform and our work by watching the YouTube-clip below:

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