Today is a very exciting day for us at Girls’ Globe – we are launching our new production, The Mom Pod, a bi-weekly podcast series founded and hosted by Julia Wiklander and Emma Saloranta Winiecki, who both became mothers in late 2014.

Emma and Julia were pregnant at the same time and during their pregnancies and after giving birth realized how many new, scary, weird, complicated, exciting, scary, wonderful, frustrating and amazing experiences and emotions they found themselves dealing with in daily basis. The Mom Pod is a space to explore those things, from a global vantage point. Through The Mom Pod we aim to create an open, judgement-free space for discussing a range of issues important to mothers, fathers, caregivers and other people interested in motherhood, babies and parenting.The Mom Pod will incorporate interviews, surveys and more to inform and raise awareness about issues relevant to mothers globally, bringing together research, data, hot topics on the media and personal stories and experiences of mothers from around the world.

In the very first episode, Julia interviews Brigid McConville, Director of The White Ribbon Alliance, about the state and future of maternal health globally. Brigid discusses the many challenges that still remain for mothers in developing countries, which account for almost all of the 830 preventable deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth – but also remains optimistic and hopeful:

I’m very hopeful, because we know it can be done – it is achievable. We have the best opportunity we’ve ever had in history to make maternal deaths once and for all a thing of the past.

You can listen to our very first episode as well as all future episodes on SoundCloud and soon on iTunes. Please send us your ideas, suggestions and comments for topics you would like us to cover, people you think we should interview – or, share your own story and have it featured in one of our episodes!

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 14.59.22We want to make The Mom Pod into that global village of mothers, fathers and other caregivers that so many of us are missing. Help us build our global community and join us on this exciting adventure!


Julia & Emma – The Mom Pod





Featured image: Jelle Druyts / Flickr, Creative Commons

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