In this episode of The Mom Pod, Julia Wiklander interviews midwives about the state of maternal health care in Sweden – a country that has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to give birth. She speaks with expecting parents about their preparations, fears and hopes for childbirth and tells the story of her own baby’s birth, together with her husband.

Mia Ahlberg, President of the Swedish Association of Midwives states the importance of having a woman centered care during pregnancy and childbirth.  “You always have to listen to her. You should never do anything without talking or asking her if she is comfortable with it. I think this is the most important part of midwifery”. Mia discusses the challenges that the Swedish maternal health care system faces, including limited space in hospitals, the refugee crisis and limited opportunities and choices for women.

Maria and Kien who speak about their expectations of becoming parents in this episode of The Mom Pod.

Maternal health care in Sweden is centered around midwives, and they play an important and natural part of every pregnancy and birth. “Dare to ask your midwife!” encourages Liza Henning, midwife and Head of the Perinatal Department (BB) in Malmö, Sweden, which is her top tip to pregnant women and new mothers.

Sweden has become known for its generous maternity (and paternity) leave policy, and a strong welfare system boasting with free healthcare for all. In this episode you will also get an insight into how it is to be pregnant and expecting a child in Sweden.

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