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An Equal World is a Better World – Don’t Leave Anyone Behind

Tomorrow, Girls’ Globe is celebrating International Women’s Day under the slogan “An equal world is a better world – don’t leave anyone behind.” Through this theme we want to highlight the fact that a world where all gender are treated equally and afforded the same rights and opportunities is not only in the best interest of women and girls, but in fact benefits everyone. While women and girls continue to face the bulk of the negative consequences of gender based discrimination, such discrimination and gender stereotypes are also harmful to boys and men, and women’s inability to reach their full potential and participate in the development, and growth of their societies slows down and negatively impacts progress and well-being for everyone.

We also want to bring attention to the inhumane and unbearable situation facing thousands of refugee women and their families, who find themselves stranded in between borders while fleeing horrible situations in their home countries, but are unable to find refuge in Europe as more and more nations are closing their doors at the face of this global tragedy. We believe today more than ever it is crucial for us to ensure that no woman is left behind in our efforts to build a more gender equal world, and the actions we take and the words we speak reach even the most marginalized, vulnerable and hardest to reach women. Our actions must strive not only towards equality between men and women, but equality between all – meaning that we have to also pay attention to discrimination and gaps between women, and ensure that women’s voices, needs and priorities guide our collective actions and efforts.

You can participate in Girls’ Globe’s IWD2016 activities and celebrations in the following ways:

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Cover Photo Credit: Elina Toumi 

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