A Coordinated Approach towards SDG Implementation in Kenya

Along the journey towards formulating the 2030 Agenda and even post adoption of the ambitious sustainable development blueprint, we laud our global efforts of being consultative and inclusive. The phrase, ’Leave No One behind’ was coined by impassioned stakeholders who were adamant to learn from the process that bore the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) which was criticized for its top-bottom approach.

It was criticized because it did not take the voices of all people nor did it reflect adequately the needs of the world. However, this development framework was not comprehensive enough to fully address the world’s challenges. 

Making Bold Steps Together, Initiating the Journey with a Solidarity Pledge

Before the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and especially during its formulation, the Kenyan Civil Society organized to form the Civil Society Reference Group on the post 2015 agenda. This organization served to provide an avenue for advocacy with the Kenyan national government, making contact with the Kenyan Permanent Representative to the United Nations and mobilized fellow civil  society to support a common position when it mattered most during strategic advocacy moments. What remained clear during operations under the Reference Group was the fact that the Reference Group coordinated by Global Climate Adaptation Partnership Kenya with members from all sectors,  presented an opportunity to rally, around a common voice, engage with the government effectively and put aside our sector focus to present our input and concerns.

After adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, opportunity presented for collaboration and consolidation of efforts towards its implementation. Through the Sustainable Development Goals Kenya Forum, Civil Society have taken a bold step to seize the opportunity and define what this collaboration will look like moving forward.

Putting forth solutions, Offering technical expertise

The SDGs Kenya Forum, in an effort to collaborate with government and other development actors, embarked on an analysis to establish the synergies between the 2030 Agenda, the African Union Agenda 2063 and the Kenya Vision 2030.  The analysis can be found on the link here. This analysis provides recommendations on how governments can leverage on existing mechanisms and infrastructures especially existing national development initiatives and channels to co-opt the 2030 Agenda. This will ensure full implementation of the sustainable development goals.

With such initiatives, The Forum strategically aligns with the set agenda for sustainable development and continuously offers its expertise and other resources for the government to spark implementation.

Moving forward

The Forum has been launched and is up and running. The new kid on the block, albeit not so new is keen to galvanize support from civil society and serve as a link between non-state actors and government. Living true to the ‘Leave No One Behind’ slogan, The Forum opened its doors to all those interested to join by registering using the link here

This model can serve as a resource for other countries that are still in the conceptualization stage, particularly in offering the much needed direction and strategic direction already set forth by the SDGs Kenya Forum.

Find the report of the launch and dissemination forum hosted on 4th March here

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