In this episode of The Mom Pod, we meet mothers Kristina and Maria from Sweden, Felogene from Kenya and Julie from the United States. All four of these mothers have chosen to breastfeed, and in different phases of their breastfeeding journey they share their experiences, and talk about the challenges they have faced and the support they have received.

Although these mothers are from different corners of the world, there are several common denominators in the equation of making breastfeeding work for them and their babies. Support from family and health care professionals is essential to make breastfeeding work from the start and to make it possible for mothers to reach their breastfeeding goals.

“At the end of the day, breastfeeding will take a lot of sacrifice and a lot of love. It is really worth it, but you have to be part of the process,” says Felogene.

Maria shares her experience with 6-week old Ella who has colic – and although breastfeeding works well at this point, it is a constant struggle to find a diet that works, since Maria is vegan and committed to breastfeeding Ella.

The mothers also spoke about how breastfeeding is a feminist issue, and how it is important for mothers to breastfeed in public, to overcome sexism and challenge the notion of women’s breasts being sexual objects.

Seeing other mothers confidently breastfeed their babies and hearing about how they overcome their challenges enables women to build their own confidence and to overcome barriers that may arise. Julie explains that her job has led her to many encounters with breastfeeding mothers around the world, which has strengthened and empowered her in her breastfeeding journey with her daughter. Kristina also shares some stories about how she managed to ignore unsupportive comments from midwives and nurses after giving birth, thanks to attending a breastfeeding course during pregnancy.

Learn more about breastfeeding challenges, the cultures and laws in these countries, and foremost these women’s perspectives by listening to the full episode below. You can also listen to The Mom Pod on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Since The Mom Pod launched in January, we have produced 6 episodes, covering global maternal health, the Zika Virus, giving birth in Sweden, the Finnish baby box, and global trends in breastfeeding. We have reached mothers, fathers and other caregivers in over 50 countries, and our episodes have been listened to over 800 times.

We believe that The Mom Pod can…

  • promote understanding and tolerance
  • help us share experiences, information and practices across cultures
  • disseminate interesting and important information to parents and people working with maternal and child health on relevant and timely topics
  • create a judgement-free space to share personal, sensitive and uplifting stories of motherhood.

Now we need your help to continue this important initiative! Next week, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise $35,000 in 6 weeks! The funding will enable us to grow The Mom Pod, produce at least 8 additional episodes and to upgrade our podcasting equipment to improve sound quality and ultimately, the experience for our listeners. Here’s what you can do:

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