“Why is she here, working with us boys? Shouldn’t she be somewhere else? How is she better than us?”

As a woman working in a male-dominant field, I can’t help but think of the moments when I felt insecure about myself or watched other people whisper directly behind my back. It becomes even more difficult when there is no other woman in the environment that I am working for who has similar goals as I do.

Fortunately, I found my role model when I was 14. Even though she did not have the same career aspirations as I did, her geeky personality and her infectious ambition resonated with me. Since then, I have shifted from worrying about what others think about me to making my dreams come true.

Finding a role model that suits you certainly takes some patience and effort. Yet, the benefits of finding one are huge: It helps you stay grounded in your dreams and maybe even feel a lot less lonely along the way.

I believe it is important for girls to find a role model as they strive to accomplish their dreams. In many cases, having a role model provides a greater sense of confidence and brings out the great potential that many girls are capable of achieving. Yet, given that there is a lack of great female role models, I believe we can be a role model for ourselves by not caring about what other people think of us and asking what will eventually make me happy.

What do you say, how do we get girls and women to serve as role models for themselves and for others?

Cover photo credit: Jamiecat 

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