Live Your Life and Love Your Body

I’ve noticed during the past year the body positive movement has been expanding across social media. The body positive movement is a feminist movement confirming that all bodies are good bodies. It serves as a reaction to what mainstream media considers to be an acceptable female body which overwhelmingly only represents the bodies of white, thin and straight women. The body positive movement aims to provide equal representation of marginalized bodies including the bodies of people of color, members of the LGBTQ community and non-traditionally thin body shapes.

I doubt anyone hasn’t seen the wave of this movement in social media, which uses hashtags such as #myswimbody #beautybeyondsize, #bodypositive and #loveyourbody, where women of all shapes, sizes, heights and colors picture their own bodies as beautiful despite societal standards.

The body positive movement has also recently reached the fashion industry in how Ashley Graham became the first plus size model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. During her appearance on The Ellen Show, she discusses recent milestones in her career and the impact she’s making toward increasing body representation in media.

Another model championing the body positive movement is Tess Holliday who became the world’s first 22 plus size model to be signed to a major modeling agency. She’s taking the world by storm by declaring “Eff your beauty standards”, promoting the notion that beauty comes in a vast array of forms and that “beautiful” can be and should be defined by individuals, not society.

This is an important movement. There’s always so much discussion about women’s bodies, dictating what the perfect body should look like, which allows the fashion industry and media to create a norm that the majority of this world’s women cannot identify themselves within. With the body positive movement, all kinds of body shapes, sizes and colors are represented, making it easier for all women to accept themselves which is why I truly support this movement.

With the body positive movement now entering mainstream media and the fashion industry, I believe women everywhere will find it easier to “Live their Lives and Love their Bodies.”

What do you think? Do you believe the body positive movement is an important feminist movement?

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Anna Falgén Enqvist

Anna have a strong passion for feminism and women rights and she believes that women rights is one of the most important issues the world face today, the oppression against women is a global problem we can see in all kind of countries, cultures and religions. Anna is therefore happy to be part of Girls Globe.

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