In November 2016, I will ski to the South Pole and I aim to be the first Swedish woman to attempt this solo skiing expedition. Join my adventure!

This year in November, I will start to ski solo to the South Pole. Starting from the coastline and onwards to the South Pole, heading 90 degrees south. You can’t get further south than that. This journey will take me approximately two months. Chances of meeting other people are extremely small, therefore I prepare to be fully self-supported. I will bring everything from the start, which means i will be unassisted during the whole expedition.

Solo Sister

Photo Credit: Anna Lovehed

The name comes from a combination of past experiences and my profession. Last time I did a longer expedition was together with my sister. We crossed Greenland from south to north with kites. This time I will go solo. Sister also stands for my profession as a nurse. As a nurse you sometimes need to have courage and focus, which I also need for this expedition. I wish to raise awareness about my profession in a positive way.

Following My Dream

To be the first Swedish woman to ski to the South Pole inspires me, but it is not what is motivating me the most. My motivation is to experience this unexplored continent where few people have visited and fully immerse myself in its raw natural world. It is amazing to have a dream, to make the decision and then go for it.

The Adventurer of the Year 2014

After my sister and I had crossed Greenland we received the award of ”The Adventurer of the year”  with the nomination: ”The first Swedes to cross Greenland from the south (Narsaq) to the north (Qaanaaq) non-stop. Caroline and Johanna have showed big experience by accomplishing 2300 km in 36 days on skis and kites over the ice cap. They have showed that it is possible to realize a big expedition aside from a full-time job and that adventures should be fun.”

svalbard foto Ellinor Falkgjerdet.jpg
Photo Credit: Ellinor Falkgjerdet

About Johanna Davidsson

In Swedish the nickname for nurse is “sister”. So, Johanna is a professional sister, a little sister and a solo sister. As a female adventurer she strives to inspire other women and girls to go out to explore. While doing so, she doesn’t want her or her fellow sisters to be defined as “girl adventurers”. Johanna has gone further than most women and men. Her strength lies in the desire to be outdoors. She was primarily drawn to the French Alps for several ski seasons. She continued to enjoy white open spaces, ski hills and ice caps during her education in the Nordic landscape. Her life was based in outdoor hubs like Storuman, Umeå and Tromsø. Ski tours and mountain trips became a build-up for a Greenland expedition in 2014. She then crossed the ice sheet together with one of her big sisters and they became the first Swedes to cover that distance – an award winning expedition, which made them the Swedish Adventurers of the year. This time she is going on her own, as a solo sister. But she is doing this expedition for her fellow sisters as well. For the professional ones and the adventurous ones.

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