White Ribbon Alliance: Passionate Citizens Changing Communities

Girls’ Globe bloggers have had the opportunity to meet with and speak to Midwives and Citizen Journalists from Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe, who are working with White Ribbon Alliance to strengthen the rights and health of women and children, and to change communities so that they thrive.

Caroline Maposhere, Zimbabwe

Caroline Maposhere is a Registered Nurse, nurse midwife and a public health nurse with Bachelor of Theology and Master of Science in Counseling studies. She has extensive experience working in reproductive health including counseling young people, parents and religious leaders on sexual diversity and training health care providers on how to be sensitive to the needs of LGBTI people.

Caroline has vast training experience including being US Peace Corps Pre service Technical Trainer in more than 10 countries. She is well-known as “Aunty” on radio, TV and church programs for sexual and reproductive health in Zimbabwe and is a member of the Board of Trustees for White Ribbon Alliance Zimbabwe.

Elman Nsinda, Uganda

A journalist and advocate for women’s and children’s health and rights, Elman Nsinda has been involved in safe motherhood advocacy campaigns across the Uganda to ensure that needless deaths of mothers and newborns are prevented. Elman is a trained White Ribbon Alliance citizen journalist and volunteer.

George Nkhoma, Malawi

George Nkhoma is a passionate midwife and manager at Chitipa District Hospital in Malawi. His interest in midwifery grew from personal experience in that his mother lost her life giving birth to him.

Throughout his career, George has demonstrated strong leadership. In 2014, he was voted the best midwife manager for the district, and regional coordinator (north) for the Association of Malawian Midwives (AMAMI). In 2015, AMAMI nominated him to attend a reproductive health and rights advocacy meeting in Kampala, Uganda. Later that year, he was nominated by Commonwealth to attend the Heads of Governments meeting in Malta following recognition of his efforts in advocating against child, early and forced marriages.


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