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Meet Zanele Mabaso – Girls’ Globe Blogger from South Africa

Girls’ Globe is in New York City this week during the United Nations General Assembly – bringing young women from three different continents together to participate, provide live coverage and provide their perspectives on conversations related to the Sustainable Development Goals and the rights and health of women and girls.

Zanele Mabaso is an ardent policy adviser, advocate for women & girls and a social justice writer with published articles on Girls Globe, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, SkyNews24 and other online global advocacy platforms with a focus on HIV Prevention, Adolescents Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Gender Equality and Gender-based Violence. She is a Youth Advisor to UNFPA and The Partnership on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health – to name a few. She’s a youth leader notably recognised by M&G Top 200 Young People, Top 100 Brightest Young Minds and Top 35 Under 35 CEO’s Foundation.

Follow Zanele on Twitter @zanelemabaso23

Girls’ Globe is partnering with Johnson & Johnson and FHI360 to activate dialogue on women, children and adolescents in the new Global Goals. FInd more information and sign up to our joint newsletters at and join the conversation with #GlobalGoals. 

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