Twirling in my Wanderland with my Girls’ Globe Crew

I’ve always had a delayed reaction to events. For some reason it takes me longer than others to have an emotional connection to certain things. I guess that is why people often tell me I have a calm and soothing demeanor, but really I’m just twirling in my Wanderland lost in my own thoughts – trying to understand what everything means and how I can make a definitive impact in the world.

On September 16th I met six remarkable women with completely different backgrounds and one commonality: we had something to say about women and girls. Some of us were more focused on health concerns surrounding women and girls in the Global South, while others were advocates for an increased presence of women in leadership positions. My main interest has always been within the education sector and finding ways to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to receive quality education. This is why I have such a keen interest in organizations like Indego Africa that work to provide sustainable outcomes for women through small business classes and leadership training.

I grew up in a household full of women – my mother, my little sister and my older sister, and everyday my mother reminded us that education was the cornerstone of our success. She drilled it in our heads in such a strategic manner that when I left Pittsburgh and moved to D.C. I never forgot the things she told me. I come alive when I’m learning something new and my whole being believes every child should have that feeling. One of the hardest questions for me to answer is why I write for Girls Globe. It isn’t difficult because I don’t know ,but because I do know, and my answer is full of so much passion that my words can’t keep up with my thoughts. So all I can say is, I care and I learned to empathize with others not because they look like me or share a similar background, but rather because they’re human and their story could have been my story or my sister’s story. This genuine concern for others was something we all share as Girls’ Globe writers and once we realized that we were an unstoppable team.

Ten days in New York felt like one of the most productive months of my life (yes it felt like a month). We started by 7:00 am or earlier and sometimes we didn’t finish until 11:00 pm, but we laughed together every single day. A couple days into the trip I felt as though I gained six new sisters; it was a semi creepy close connection between us especially since I have a track record of being painfully quiet. But this experience was different. Something about being around people when you’re dreadfully hungry, extremely tired, super excited and overwhelmed with the feeling of “I can’t believe I’m here”, makes you become super close in milliseconds. Every night I thought about the beautiful silence of the suburbs but now that I’m back I wish I was with my Girls’ Globe crew again.

Photo by Wynter Oshiberu

I think life is like the ocean – it can be a chaotic beast full of turbulent waves or a never ending sea of soothing currents. We have all had those moments standing at the beach listening to the sound of the water overshadow everything else. However, there are times when you can’t just go with the flow and you simply have to crash into the waves. Girls’ Globe went to New York for the 71st UN General Assembly and the Global Citizen Festival to cause waves of change. Now that the show is over and no one is looking, I hope that I am able to keep up the momentum and keep advocating for definitive change even when it’s more comfortable to go with the flow!

Cover photo by Zayira Ray for Girls’ Globe. 

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