Our Voices Matter – More Than Ever

As I woke up this morning to a layer of the first snow on the rooftops across my bedroom window, with my daughter cuddling close to see the white watery powder in delight, I had forgotten that the election across the Atlantic had come to an end. We walked into the kitchen and my husband greets our daughter with a smile and then looks at me with shock in his face – and tells me that Trump is probably going to be the next President of the United States.

As the final news unfolded during the morning hours here in Sweden, the layer of snow slowly started to melt, and I was hit by shock that felt like a punch in my abdomen. A womanizing, racist, fear-feeding man, who has acted on his self-interests has been elected President of the United States, after a campaign smeared in scare tactics and hate speech.

This feels like a heavy bomb hitting one of the world’s largest countries, following a range of ever-louder assassinations on our human race – the continuous attacks on civilians in Syria, the genocide of Yazidis by ISIS, and turmoil in South Sudan. The list continues closer to home with Brexit, the EUs horrific paralyzation to act on the human rights of refugees as people continue to die in the Mediterranean, and Sweden’s vote earlier this year, which led us to trade openness with fear – closing our borders and overstepping the human rights of refugee families.

I feel like I’d like to move with my family to the moon, just leave this planet – it’s doomed anyways. But, that just isn’t right – or feasible.

There are many things happening in our world, which require us to stay stronger than ever and now we must show solidarity. We cannot let fear lead us to care only for ourselves and our nearest – it is that exact fear that has been fueled for far too long and got us to where we are today. It is time to fight fear and hatred – ensure that we uphold human rights in every situation, for everyone – and you need to be a part of it.

Now, my main thought is this: Girls’ Globe’s mission is more important than ever. We cannot stay quiet, we need to continue to raise our voices, hold decision-makers accountable and protest. We are the people, and we can demand our rights to be upheld, and the rights of those who can’t demand theirs.

Let’s connect, mobilize and act together – stronger than ever – a global voice demanding peace for everyone, now!

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Photo: NASA (CC). 

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Julia Wiklander


Julia Wiklander is the Founder and President of Girls' Globe. With a passion to inspire people, Julia believes in all people's equal rights, and that highlighting positive change is essential for development. Julia is also a mother, a blogger (of course) and an economist.

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