Girls’ Globe’s incredible community of contributors is made up of bloggers and organizations around the world who raise their voices for change every day. We are in awe of their courage and determination and so, on International Women’s Day 2017, we want to showcase just how bold our network is.

We asked them to share what motivates, inspires and emboldens them in the hope that they can inspire YOU to be bold for change too!

Tell us about a place you go, or a place you’ve been, that makes you feel bold? 

Ayla: I feel strong and bold when I am at the top of a mountain.

Nelly: My village is a place that will always make me feel bold since I overcame so much criticism because of how I am outspoken about women rights, access to family planning for women and girls, and girl child education. I am also the only young woman from this village who decided to choose education over marriage.

Miia: New York, because of the constant energy and all the bold people surrounding me in the streets. My favorite place to write is my hometown Lisbon, Portugal, because that’s where I dare to dream.

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Leah: I spent some time working with female sex workers in Ghana. They work that I did with them, and the things they taught me, made me believe that it only takes one person to enact great change.

Wynter: I go to the playground, hang upside down on the monkey bars and dream. I tell myself the sky is my drawing board.

Grace: Sitting in a coffeeshop, empowering women one blog post at a time. I sit down with my cup of coffee, turn up my music and do what I love. It makes me feel like superwoman.

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Nsovo: Maputo, Mozambique. It has amazing people, great markets, crazy traffic. I love the streets and the spicy food.

Ashley: Women’s spaces make me feel bold. There is a tremendous power around women’s energy, ideas and collective being.

Chaarushi: Used book stores. There’s something about being surrounded by old pages and the copious amounts of knowledge they hold that makes me feel like I can learn enough to truly create a positive difference in our world.

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Mia: Wherever and whenever I meet likeminded people, I feel encouraged, strengthened and inspired to continue to be bold.

Lisa: Roadtripping in Norway, the nature makes me feel like anything is possible!

Maxine: Network events and spaces both online and off that are for empowering women, operated by women themselves. They embolden me, and I relax because I am not alone.

Eleanor: Being by the sea reminds me that the world is so much bigger than me, but also that it can be so very beautiful, which makes me feel strong and hopeful.

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Cynthia: Standing on top of the Matterhorn, Switzerland. To see the vast mountain range and understand I have the potential to write my own adventure made me feel bold.

Emma: Any new place I visit. I am writing this in a cab in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ve never been here before, and a new country and new culture always makes me feel bold and adventurous and breathes new life and energy in me.

Farah: My Instagram! It’s great to do a quick scroll, and remember the people I’ve met or things I’ve gotten to do. It’s easy to forget your past experiences or accomplishments, and feel like you’re not qualified enough or strong enough to take on what’s coming at you. A good record of the good times you’ve gone through or the things you’ve done is a quick fix for imposter syndrome; for me, it can be a reminder that if I could do that, I can do this.

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Where do you go when you need to feel bold? Where’s the most inspiring place you’ve been? Join us in celebration of boldness this International Women’s Day by sharing your answer with us in the comments or with #BeBoldForChange on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Cover image credit: Ayla Schlosser, Co-founder & CEO, Resonate

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